Possible 3ds Max QT UI


If 3ds max ever gets a QT UI upgrade like Maya did, it would be great to import 3
essential tools from Maya.

  1. The Channel Box (animation)

  2. The return of the Shelf Menus ( available in 3ds max 3.0 I think )

  3. The Extended Time line.

With the addition of Shelf Menus, you can put in there just the tools you really use
every day, in the order you want.

I think this would be more effective than the current ribbon menu.
It works so well in Maya.

The other thing would be the option to change the icon size in the command Panel, 16x16 are fine when working with standard monitors, but working with a screen of 27 or 30’ with resolutions of 2560x1440 or higher, it gets kin of hard to see those little icons.

I made this mockup UI trying to figure it out how these tools could be implemented,
also made son minors ideas that I think would help the viewport navigation.

Pay no serious attention to the Command Panel icons, I know they’re ugly, but I couldn’t find better ones :smiley:

Anyway, do you think something like this could work?

open this image in a new tab to see a full-size version.


QT is UI library.
Using QT as UI framework would not give you channel box.

Maya have to use QT because they need to support all 3 OS.
Since 3ds max is windows only, I don’t think using QT would give any advantage over using windows native UI library.


Yes, I know that, what I meant to say was if they’re going to implement the Qt UI, they could also take the time to add those features, just to unify the two Apps a bit more.

My fault, sorry for my bad English mate.



Please correct me if I’m wrong, but after working with Maya and mudbox a few weeks ago
(both under Windows environment) i’m have the impression that QT runs more fluid than max
native UI library.

You seems to know more about this subject, I don’t even know if it is possible at all to implement this QT library into max.


The epoly caddys use QT.
Enhanced Menue+Ribbon use WPF.
And there is Winforms and i bet even Win32 code.

At this state 3dsmax is a mess of different UI-Frameworks.

Nice mockup,btw.
I like it a lot.


Well if their actions and ‘words’ are any indication of their long term plans then I really doubt it we’ll see a unified QT UI anytime soon if at all, considering that the new Enhanced Menus (and the ribbon) are very .NET’y, and how the new PM pretty much tells us that we should look to the future and the ‘Cloud’ instead of being concerned about different platforms(i.e. no need to use a cross-platform library), which isn’t that encouraging to me.

Though I really hope if they ever decided to go that way, they don’t adopt that bland light grey color scheme, I really like Max’s own dark color scheme and how it plays with blue and grey, imo it’s much more elegant and exiting visually.

Edit: aren’t the new ‘Manage Workspaces’ and ‘Viewport Layouts panel’ using QT? if so that’s the kind of design I’d like to be implemented uniformly in Max.


The 3ds Max designers have for sure a fetish for UI design.


Using QT does not make program faster.
Many Maya users claims that QT version of Maya is slower than old UI.
As I mentioned before, the main reason why many company is using QT is cross-platform.
Simply there are not many choice for cross platform modern UI library.

Can Autodesk rebuild max with QT UI? Yes.
But, why they should?
Maya team lost entire year to convert UI over QT.
Will you accept not-a-single-new-feature year for QT UI?
I personally does not even like look of QT.

The most logical solution would be replacing UI one by one with WPF.
Will be be faster?
maybe not, because WPF does more thing than old UI.
But, you may get more flexible and customizable UI

I also want to mention that how much different taste everybody has for UI.
I hate dark max UI.
The first I do after install is convert to light UI.


I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as ‘look of QT’. :wink:

Btw Maya 2011 features List

So it seems it wasn’t a ‘not-a-single-new-feature’ year for them after all.


It was Maya 2010.
Literally there was not a single new feature.
They had to throw Tosik and Match Mover.

I’m sure there is a ‘look of QT’.
Look at Maya, Realflow, Nuke, Houdini.


You’ve managed to confuse me on so many different levels, first off, that link doesn’t contain anything relating to qt.

Also the fact that you still insist qt was added in version 2010, while it wasn’t, did you look at the link I posted?

And lastly, are you implying that those 4 application look the same to you?..


They could not release anything in 2010, because they were working on QT.
The fact is that they spent entire release for QT.

Those 4 application certainly have unique look.
Why is it surprising? UI library dictates the look.
If you use same UI library, it has to have same look.
It is same that all windows based UI has same look.


Would you please provide a reference to what you are claiming here for me, thank you in advance.

No, not really, the choices that the designers make using that library defines the look. Just like how those applications you mentioned have a ‘unique’ look of their own.


How would you explain Autodesk did not add anything for 2010?

If designers have to design everything, then why do you even need to use library?
You have certain amount of control but essentially you are limited to what library provide.
Well… if you want to go on with this forever, it’s your choice,
My main point is that what you like is not necessarily what others like. and I don’t like most QT based UI.


You can change the style as you like in QT like VisualStyle of Windows.
You can also create the style by yourself.
Between Max can be changed to the style of VisualStyle.

I think that ‘look of QT’ is a trend of GUI.
I suppose that Houdini’s GUI is still made by OpenGL.

I agree with you personally. :slight_smile:

www.toxik.sk | CG Blog » Autodesk Maya 2011 – Qt style switch

Qt Widget Gallery | Documentation | Qt Project

Houdini + Radeon 9700 pr - Hardware - od|forum


That could actually be explained in quit a few different ways, but since neither I nor you were in there at that time, I guess non of us can really ‘claim’ what the reason was with ‘certainty’, and that is my point. :slight_smile:

(And again for the sake of clarity, QT was added to Maya 2011, along with a myriad of different features, I’d say one ‘year’ worth of features.)

Anyways, I’m still curious whether the new ‘Workspace Manager’ and ‘Viewport Layouts’ panels have been done in QT or not…


But keep in mind that when staring for hours every day at your monitor a dark ui is much better for your eyes…


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