position object - density by material problem


Hy. I’ve been experimenting problems with the density by material option in pflow. I’m using a proceduraly generated texture (noise generated) in order to be able to emit particles from the waves created. The procedure is quite simple, how ever pflow takes forever to update from frame to frame, and more like seems to freeze, and i’m barely using 2000 particles for a test, the final outcome having to be somewhere around 1 million particles (using krakatoa plugin). Is there any way to optimize , or speed things up when using density by material???


I assume that your particles are birthing on the animated wave geometry? The mix of dense animated geometry and animated texture maps can really eat up calc time. Sometimes you can get a bit of an improvement if you use non-procedural maps, but even then, you are stuck with a fairly dense animated mesh. I don’t have any good solutions for you in this method, but if you have Box3, you can greatly inprove the speed of this effect by creating a displacement effect in the particles, thereby reducing the need for evaluating the mapped, dense geometry.


Thank you very much for your input. I actually do have box3 and i will try the dysplacement tutorial. Thank you again. I feel bad however for not beeing able to work with huge amonts of particles with density by material. Could have turned up with some great FX’es.
All the best…


You can still do a density by material. The biggest hit to speed is when you combine animated materials with animated mesh. The displacement method basically takes the place of your ocean surface as far as PFlow is concerned so that you don’t need a Position Object Op. There is a sample file somewhere that shows how to spawn by color (basically spawning particles based on the material value) that would also aid in this effect. If you have any questions further about this, feel free to ask.


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