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Hi everyone,

Ronnie was concerned that the images he posted here were showing up on Google, so by request I have removed his previous thread.

However Ronnie is still interested in generously providing pose requests, so if you would like access to his private gallery of images, which contains many, many excellent tasteful / artistic nude photo reference, then please pm Ronnie via his user profile here to request access:


Incidentally, Ronnie has changed the password on his Gallery, so if you previously requested access, you will have to pm Ronnie again for the new password, which he is happy to give you.

Thank you, and thanks to Ronnie for the generosity! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to use this thread to communicate with Ronnie, and subscribe if you make a pose request - Ronnie, if you can post here when a request has been filled, that would be the most useful.




Thank you, profusely, Rebecca, and I appologise to you for all the work I’ve put you to, changing things around for me, and to all have who have been using this thread, for messing you about. I really took fright when I saw what Google was showing, under my name, not only my art website but my CGSociety Pose Requests! My efforts at modelling are for your eyes only, which I know will be used here for the right purpose. The very last thing I want is to have my body displayed to all and sundary - world wide!
As an added precaution, for my peace of mind, I tried to alter the password to my modelling site, although I’m still not sure that this was necessary. However, having done that, or thought I had, it doesn’t seem to be working. I have two computers: one is a PC with Windows XP, on which I opperate my site, and the other is a Mac on which I can view the site like everyone else sees it. On this, the site still seems to respond to the OLD password! Doesn’t recognize the new one at all! I’m still working on it. I might decide to leave the old password as it is.



Hi Ronnie,

No worries, I completely understand! Thanks for continuing your generous offer of pose requests. I really don’t see why pm’ing you for your website and password is any big deal. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Been wondering why I’ve not had much in the way of pose requests recently. I realize I’m not the most ideal subject for anatomical studies - having just celebrated my 70th birthday! LOL! Also, I’m sorry for having withdrawn the nude pictures of myself directly here on this site, but I hope you understand my reasons. However, my pose references are not denied you. You are very welcome to sift through my pose collection to see if there is anything there that might be useful in your work. Here is the link:
However, it is a secure site and you need the password! In the interests of protecting myself from those who might wish to use the content of the site for purposes other than for art work it would not be prudent of me to give it here. Please email me privately for this.
If there is nothing there that suits your purpose I’m willing to try some poses on request.

My regards to you all,


sHi Ron…
I ám a begener painter from Spain.
I have seen your pictures the last year in the web.
I need your permission and password for try it now…
can you help me ?

Sorry my bad and poor englihs

Best regards.


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