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Rebecca had suggested that I make a thread offering to do (or attempt, perhaps) pose requests for anyone desiring. Actually she suggested this several months ago, and somehow I missed her post and hadn’t done it - until now. Anyway, please see http://justmeina.deviantart.com/gallery/ for examples of the kinds of things I have done and if I can be of use in creating a particular pose, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.


Hi Ben,

This is an outstanding offer to the community. Thank you very much!

I have moved your thread to the main page of the Anatomy Forum so more people might see it.


For those who request poses, please subscribe to this thread so that you know when Ben has posted photos. Thank you! :slight_smile:




I hope it can and/or will be helpful, thanks Rebecca,


wonderful idea and great generosity.



Thanks Ben. Very generous offer. I’ll sure take you up on that if I dont see the pose in your big collection.


If I haven’t already done it, LOL! (I just had to laugh).

More seriously, happy to help Queensoul and Mu, however I might can. Thanks for the comments,


Hi Ben:thumbsup:! Here goes the first request, Hercules Angry, Prometheus Unbound,UlysseusTravel Weary,AchillesArrogant.Any pose with these characters are in would be great, !:slight_smile:

will be doing some drawings and paintings on these subjects!


Siju Thomas


Okay, researching… to see what poses those characters might have done :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

this is a really wonderful thing to do for the anatomy community! I do have a request, if you’d have the time to do something. I intend to make an oil painting of the sketch below, but I really want the anatomy to be right, as I’m hoping to do it in an old masters style, make it fairly big and imposing. The piece is hugely personal to me, and I’d be very grateful if you could attempt something that would fit the pose of the male angel. He’s supposed to be sort of hanging mid air with one leg a little further up than the other so the woman can perch on it (he’s also deliberately larger than her). I’ve had more than one good root through your dA gallery but there is nothing that fits the legs, certainly, and an all in one piece would be great.

Any help you can be is much appreciated.

This is the sketch:


I’ll see what I can do, hopefully next week sometime.



I made the attempt, would this help (hoping…):

There’s also a larger version here: http://photos.imageevent.com/justmeina/temp/P9213021CE-N192.jpg


Well, Thomas, I gave at least a Hercules-like theme a try, based on what I think I’ve seen along that line. This isn’t easy to do, and I hope I was kind of heading in the right direction.

Thoughts, comments, feedback, laughter? (worried),


(images continued)


Wow, Ben, thank you for these great photos. Your contribution here is really appreciated.

For those who request poses, please subscribe to this thread so that you know when Ben has posted photos. Thank you! :slight_smile:




Thanks Rebecca, I hope they’re good for something. They were rather challenging to attempt, even if (like almost always) over-all I think I wish they were better.



I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

BTW, I still need to send you sketches - if I sent you sketches by this Saturday, is there any chance that you might be able to shoot pictures in the next week? Your willingness to do these poses is a huge help!

Thanks again!




Yes, Rebecca, Saturday should be good, as I’m pretty sure I won’t have a chance to do any more before then. Hopefully I can get them done in the next week, I probably can.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Whoa Ben! Uber cool!These are Amazing! Thanks a ton for these! Michelangelo would have been glad to draw from such reference!:thumbsup::):slight_smile:

Cant wait to draw these!

could you link to higher-res versions of these! it would be wonderful!


Thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: The higher resolution versions can be seen here: http://imageevent.com/justmeina/temp