Pose morphs and vertex maps


So I’m working on an animation showing scraping cartilage off of bone. I’m using a vertex map to drive where on a bone the Redshift Cartilage material is. Then I’m storing 3 states of the vertex map in a posemorph tag. No scraping, 1st scraping, then the 2nd scraping. I’ve animated the scraping using a linear field with falloff to follow the scraper and reveal the scrape.

I can use this setup to animate the first scraping but I’m stuck on how to retain the 1st scraping while revealing the 2nd scrape with another linear field. I can fade between the 3 states with the posemorph sliders just fine. Problem is the linear field not retaining the 1st posemorph when revealing the 2nd pose morph.

I feel like there’s a simple answer staring me in the face and I’m just not seeing it. Adding a 2nd linear field to the posemorph object and mixing the fields somehow?

Or maybe thinking a 2nd vertex map and posemorph setup but it would be slick if I could do this all with 1 map and posemore setup.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. A lot of times I find the answer almost immediately after posting, hoping something will reveal itsefl :).



UPDATE: We changed the fields to 2 box fields and grouped them in a field group. Worked like a charm with a single vertex map. Love fields!