Portraits Of Man 2, Weiye Yin (3D)


Title: Portraits Of Man 2
Name: Weiye Yin
Country: China
Software: ZBrush

This is my last piece of work,I used ZBrush for the modeling and then brought into 3dsmax for shading, The Textures are a mix of photoreference and handpainting (in photoshop). Finally rendering was done in 3dsMax~~




WoW! Amazing work! Love it, fantastic details, especially on hair and beard. :slight_smile: Also i love expresion and atmosphere. 5stars :applause:


this is really really incredible, could we please see a wire ?? the skin texturing and shader look amazing, love the hair as well.


Really nice. Though his forehead and nose look really strange.


Awesome work
the hair is very nice
Good job :slight_smile:


wow hair, lighting, atmosphere = excellent!

The nose does look a bit weird, but this guy is insanely awesome regardless! keep it up


only onr word for this:

AWSOME! :applause:


Excelent work, very realistic and with good character. Why does his shoulders seem too narrow (like by 10% - 20%)?


Amazing work man! Great texture work for sure! And I really like the hair and all facial hair, very well done!
And please show us some wires :slight_smile:


Just EXCELLENT… :bounce:
5+ Stars…

Q : How many polygons?
a wire please…


very nice . good luck man .


Did anyone think something is strange with the eye on the left? I love the model and the textures are amazing. Good job!


wooow very nice – Great
Rendering in Zbrush?
i dont think :wink:


Its so great man :slight_smile:
I think its from the best posts for this mounth
you have agreat style and we can see that in the texture and the lightining
and I think that the most powerfull thing is the face model
last thing: Its realy agreat Idiea to direct aspot light on the top of the head .
so great and nice I realy like it well done

five stars:thumbsup:


…Franc Hermit’s zBrush massacre :thumbsup: :bowdown:




Great achievement in every aspect… modeling, lighting, texturing. The hair are amazing.

Still, my eyes are always attracted by his right eye(the left, for us). It looks to me like the eyes are a bit crossed, you know, the two are not perfectly looking in the same direction. And the left one looks like an eye from a friendly man and the right one looks like an eye from a mad guy who’s quietly judging someone. and yes the nose is a bit pointy.

Still, the whole image is a fantastic demonstration of how you’re skilled. 4.5/5


cool work man


OMG, that’s incredible, how did you do the hair? With the hair modifier in max?


you are a crazy man…wow looks so good:thumbsup:


Very nice,specially the hair and textures.The nose looks weird,but it doesn’t really affect the image much.Good job