Portraits and Caricatures - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL - YOO HOO BOBBY CHIU


hehe just did this :smiley:


praised be Stjepan Sejic

heres another one :



These are awesome portraits! I especially love the Sean Penn piece, the technique is great, and you really nailed his early likeness!

Great work, looking really good! :slight_smile:



hooraay thx rebecca

im doing one portrait everyday to practice nebz technique … i dont like the little girl anymore …its a bit boring , but i always post too fast when im excited lol

btw i wasnt thinking about sean penn ( dont even know that he looked like that when he was young ) but my old friend ----> Moe from school :smiley:



Ok, that is just hilariously funny, because that portrait is just a dead ringer for Sean Penn in the early days, lol! :slight_smile:

It’s great to see that you’ve taken so well to Neb’z technique, I’ve yet to try it myself but am dying to, as I love his work! It looks like he may have spawned his own competition in you, Nebezial beware! :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work, and keep on postin’! :slight_smile:



The venerable Mark Snoswell, done for the daily sketch group in about 45 minutes to an hour:

And a caricature for my friend’s 30th birthday, in-jokes and all. The final image was 4000x3000 px, printed on 11x17 paper at 300dpi. About a week of on-and-off noodling:



Another copy of an Odd Nerdrum Painting (Two Men Guiding One Man) I’m working on in Black and White:

Started it’s life as a REALLY bad oil painting, and I’m working to repair my ego in Photoshop: Work in Progress…



Black and White paintings can quickly and easily become evocative with just that color layer thrown on top with the Blending Mode set to Color…



Look nice so far Rebeccak. I want to see more of your works! When is your site going to be up?


Hey, thanks! Hopefully tomorrow / this week. What kind of stinks is that all of the work work I’ve done for the past five years is protected by NDA. So I can only show personal work. Ah well…such is life. :slight_smile:



Yeah I know a bit how that is with NDAs :expressionless: Either way looking forward to your site.


Thanks! A few minor tweaks, and it shall be done… :slight_smile:



You are going to put your site in your signature are you? Or we’ll have to pester you for it. :slight_smile:

I’m really curious too, I really love the one of the girl with the headband. Very intricate features and light. :thumbsup:




Thanks! I have Odd Nerdrum to thank for the lighting. :slight_smile: He’s an AMAZING ~ wierd, but amazing ~ artist, you should definitely check him out! :slight_smile:



Some folks were asking about the blurring technique which I used on the portrait I posted. Here is the description of that very simple technique: :slight_smile:

(EDIT: Welllllll…they were really asking about Desp#2/Rog’s technique, but Anyways…) :smiley:

  Once I've established all of the major features, exaggerating the lights and darks, I do the following:
      1. [b]Select All, Copy + Merge[/b] the [b]existing Layers[/b] so I have [b]one single Merged Layer.
   [/b]   2. [b]Duplicate[/b] this[b] MERGED Layer (Ctrl + J)[/b] ~ so now I have[b] 2 MERGED Layers[/b][color=White] that are the[b] same.
   [/b][/color]   3. [b]GAUSSIAN BLUR[/b] the top layer to your heart's content.
      4. [b]Add a mask [/b]to the top [b]BLURRED [/b]Layer (click the[b] mask icon in the Layers palette[/b] when [b]you are on the Layer [/b]you want to [b]mask[/b]) and use the[b] black / white swatches[/b] to [b]paint (using the Brush tool) [/b]the mask [b](black takes away the mask, white replaces it).
   [/b][/color][b]ERASE (not using the mask) [/b]using the[b] Eraser tool [/b]set to a low opacity (25% - 50%) to[b] erase only those areas that I want to be in sharper focus.
   [/b]   5. [b]Copy + MERGE everything,[/b] and voila! Instant in~focus / out of focus image!

(I also continue painting after doing this initial blur…trying to have certain key features, like eyes, in focus, while leaving the receding edges of cheeks and neck more blurred).

      ~Hope this helps. :)



Thank you, good basic info. You have to do it more, and so does other people. :thumbsup:


here’s some stuff already uploaded in my site.


Mike Tyson:

Mic Jagger:

Baris Yeltsin:

Michael Heseltine:

Tony Blairs:


Jeremy Irons:


George Bush:

Al Gore:

I’ll post some newer stuff soon:


great works everyone~~~!

new sketch here (in SketchBook Pro V 2.0)


here’s two old portraits by moi, but not of moi… hehe uhm… it’s the same guy like a couple years apart… and shorter hair second time around…

okay the second one is just a sketch

and theres my contribution…

i suddenly feel like going back and redoing that first one… ><

first one was made… 2001-2002… second one was i think 2003


Hello folks,
I just found this part of the forum.
I hope to post soon in this topic.I posted a caricature before,in this thread :

hope you like it.Meanwhile I’ve changed working method a bit, switched the airbrush with the wet acryllic brush.