Portraits and Caricatures - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL - YOO HOO BOBBY CHIU



This thread is dedicated to the study of PORTRAITS AND CARICATURES.

Please post your best PORTRAITS AND CARICATURES here!

[b][u]Please post:

[/u][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



Hey did someone call for me? hehehe… great forum Rebecca.

Here’s my contribution… they’re oldies but goodies… :slight_smile:

Michael Johnson - Bic pen on notebook paper
3hours I think?

Muhammed Ali - Pen on sketchbook paper
10hrs? not sure…


Oh? Who, me? What…would…make…you…think…that? :rolleyes:

Awesome! Welcome to Anatomolics Anonymous <group: Hi, Bobby>

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Rock on!



and some sitcom celebs…
4hrs in Photoshop

2 or 3 hrs?..


What is the title of the second piece? The Ex-Eighties Stars Wend Their Way Into The Twenty-First Century? lol!

These are great, thanks for posting these! :slight_smile:

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man bobby those are awesome. i like the ali one especially. i’m a huge ali fan and he’s got a very certain “look” when he fights and you really captured it in this moment.

here’s my contribution

you know, just a girl i know (laetitia casta…i wish i knew her :sad: )

it’s not really finished, but i like it as is. my main focus was her eyes, nose and mouth. i used a mechanical pencil cuz it’s all i could find and the thing would not leave any dark marks. i had to really try to get anything dark, but it let me use the white space i guess.

it took about an hour total.

i really enjoy drawing portraits because many times it is the smallest things that makes or breaks the entire drawing (a single spot in the iris, or slight bump/line on the nose) and i’ve yet to figure out a system of finding those things, but i’m trying.

here’s the reference if anyone’s interested



Stoned Arnold. Ah-nold is Numero Uno.


Old drawing - was originally posted in the 2d forum

pencil/cloth/kneaded eraser
11x14 inches
(alot of detail was lost in the scan, I will try and get a better reproduction up later)



Chiu I love your work. Being a large fan of caricatures, hell I drew them to put myself through college, I have to say your caricatures are very diffrernt then the current schools out there (ie. the drucker school, opdebeek school, kruger school). Make no mistake kruger is awesome and his works blow my mind, but I am becoming a bit tired of his clones. Anyways, fantastic stuff, original style and the best depiction of motion I have ever seen in a caricature.



thetrianglekid - thx

stipick_S - thanks Shaun

Hi Rebecca I noticed that it says 3D caricatures as well…
Here’s a still shot from a short film I made a few years back called “Cosbee.” Not the best in the world… but it’s kinda funny to watch. Took me about 3 months if I remember correctly.
Here’s a link to view the film http://www.artofbob.com/movies001.html


Yep, I completely snarfed, that was so funny…see it here, ladies and gentlemen, as Rebecca snarfs… :slight_smile:

Excellent job, Bob! Send us more!




an old pencil drawing on newsprint scribbled out from photoref - I still like it.




I have seen the sports images before, but they alway are great to look at. I think that they are some of the most beautiful drawings that I have seen posted on cgtalk, and some of the most brilliant representations of motion and dynamics I have seen anywhere.



Gord MacDonald,

Coolness and light! Great to see more of your work :). I agree, digital Bob wields a mighty pen…doubt if he needs an ego boast, though! Just kidding, Bob! :thumbsup:




some studies (pencil on newsprint) of CARICATURES by two of the greats. (Now that I am drawing alot, I am going to try and create some CARICATURES from scratch:bounce: )



OOPS - sorry, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm :shrug:


2 of my drawings… first one a portrait of a schoolmate, and second one of my grandpa…

medium used: paper, B8 pencils and a photo reference
time spent: about 2-3 hours for each
process: I’ll probably write that some other time… its time to go sleep now :slight_smile:




quick sketch in graphite and some quick photoshop of the definitive sex kitten.


Portraiture has been my favourite facet of traditional art for a good few years now. Bobby, I love your line and pencil work, your quality of line just blows me away, I’d love to know how long it took you before you got that good, how much you practiced. Here’s the best of my portraits to date:

Brother Bernard, a Brother with the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, sadly passed away earlier this year. Done in oils on board, took a good month to complete over the christmas hols:

Stone Cold Steve Austin™, WWE’s highest grossing wrestler, done in acrylic on textured paper, 6" x 8", took around 15 - 20 hrs:

Chris Benoit™ WWE wrestler, (I started a series a couple of years back), acrylic on textured paper, 6" x 8" took about 12 - 15 hrs:

And finally, something I do on a professional basis as a sideline to my regular job. I work for a company which produces miniature paintings then frames prints of them to sell across the US. One of my favourites I did was of Benjamin Franklin, whose portrait appears on the $100 bill. I’ve also included a scan of me holding another miniature, to give you an idea of the size, 1.5" x 1.5"(they are painted in acrylic, with no magnifying devices and regular brushes). They take anywhere from 3hrs to 7-8 hrs: