This is my new piece. MOdelled in XSI, detailed in ZBrush.
First I set up the rough version of the fast skin shader, then I rendermapped the diffuse color (few fractal layered upon each other), and made additional painting in photoshop.

The model is displaced, bump will be added later


Really great modell and have a lot of emotions… I like it!

(A fene egye meg a tehettseges fajtadat!:slight_smile: Marha jo lesz ez is!)


small update:


that is looking really fantastic atm - alot of character and emotion shown in that face. skin shader doesnt look too bad atm - im sure it will improve
cant wait for the final.


Model is great, I really like it because it is quite different from the usual neutral, expressionless human face. You put character in it. I think the skin is a bit too shiny, it looks a little like plastic, but you are on the right track.


small update on eyes:


Here is an update

The guy will be a vampire from my series, Vampires and Hunters

Comments are welcome!


it’s awsome man…don’t have any word to say…brilliant…:applause: …keep it up…:bounce:



it looks great!.. personally i like green eyes the most…

hurry up! we want to see the final lol :thumbsup:


great work.
If you make the body with same level of detalisation, imho it will be award here)


Here’s the final image:

And the wireframe:


really superb face model - wish I could model them to that level (slight bit feminine around the lips for MY taste … not sure why might just look like he has lipstick on but that may be deliberate). Unfortunately it feels ruined because of the blood on the mouth now unless the gay vampire is what your going for :slight_smile:

put some clothes on him (even just a simple scarf like material) - feels like a bare model behind two wood structures… could try adding some more slight differences in each side (insect on one side or something or more worn woodwork/metal detailing) …lighting variations too.

just suggestions - otherwise really great work :slight_smile:


edit - just seen it is a vampire you’ve done doh! my mistake but I’d still look at correcting that blood …maybe add some on a wall too (history…history!!) and make it look like he’s exiting the room by positioning him less symetrical (as if the two wood bits in front are the edges of a door and he’s walking out after brutally killing his prey)… hope that make sense?


this guy looks like Scorpius from the sci-fi show Farscape

<img src=http://tinypic.com/47369fn.jpg>


Skin is excellent, wow, what a great job!

I am not sure about the blood smears, it doesn’t seem realistic to me, it is too dry and looks painted on.


To Silvia:

Maybe j3st3r is going for a dried-up blood look since it looks like a dark red color.

To j3st3r:

Nice job!


Being a Vampire fan myself I must say this is really great so far. But the blood is after my head a little wrong. Vampires doesnt spill their meals this much I would like to believe :smiley:
How about an evil smirk showing off a little of the teeth and just emphasise the blood on the lower lip and a little hint of it on the upper lip?

Just my 2 cents, other than that its really great! :thumbsup:


I agree with a little smirk, other than that It’s Awesome!!!



Thats some awesome modeling and texturing, I really like his eyes. That foggy blue really makes him look creepy. Maybe adding a slight grey blue ring around the iris like old people get would help make them stand out a bit more.

Great stuff man, look forward to seeing more of your work.


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