Portrait Sculpt Timelapse Video


Here’s a portrait modeling timelapse video that I captured recently in Mudbox. I hope it’s fun to watch!!




Thanks a bunch, Ariel. If anyone is interested in saving this to your hdd you can download the ‘video downloader’ plugin for Firefox and play the file through the ‘VLC player’. The VLC player can also play this at half speed. Thanks again Ariel.


and… if you dont want to install any plugin, paste the link in this site: http://keepvid.com/ and you can download the video as .flv that can be viewed in media player classic or any flash player


BTW… thanks for the videos Ariel… fantastic work.


I just uploaded a much higher res video in case anyone’s interested:

the file is approximately 107 MB



thanks! im downloading right now…just two quick questions: this includes the two youtube sessions? and… how many poly is this head?

thank you very much for share this


Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us :thumbsup:


sorry… those questions are answered in the hi-res video


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