Portrait of Richard Spriggs, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: Portrait of Richard Spriggs

Name: Ian Spriggs

Country: Canada

Software: maya mudbox photoshop vray

Submitted: 10th April 2015

My new portrait of my youngest brother Richard Spriggs. I was inspired by Turner, Vermeer and Rembrandt for this piece. Created with Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and Vray. I hope you like it, please any comments are welcome.



One of these days you’ll post an image I won’t plug on the front page… Not today! :smiley:


nice one Ian!!


At this stage you have a CGaward for every member of your family. :slight_smile:

Terrific work as always.


Super impressive work Ian.


Wow that is really great! Are these photo based textures or are they handpainted?


Really amazing work.


Excellent work Ian!


Great job, well done! I recognise the Rembrandt pose.


Superb work man. The facial hair is just wow! :bowdown:


Incredible realistic render, very nice.


Thanks for all the comments, I am happy you like it.
As for the texturing I do use photographs with a quite a bit of paint over to clean them up. I take between 50-70 photographs of my subjects to help with the Modeling and Texturing.


Very beautiful work! i like the complex simplicity and natural looks overall. :slight_smile: Great job!


I’m new member here, but I saw a lot of artworks all over the world. And yours works are good in that case. As I’m a muslim that’s why I pointed only ‘mordered-things’ not ‘live characters’. Anyway, its not bad.
P.s.: We are muslims, we can’t making/drawing life-things like characters, animals and other, just “died things” like nature, ArchVIZ.


Am I looking at myself in the mirror!!! Absolutely awesome, great work Ian. This is taking realism to the next level. So good. Thanks for doing it.


Unbelievable! He is so real, even on video! Amazing photo! :slight_smile:


speechless :bowdown:


Incredible work! how did you make the hair? I’m having a really hard time with trying to figure out how to make good hair :confused:


Wow this is excellent. :bounce:


What a beautiful piece of work, I congratulate you, I hope to get your level. :bowdown: