Portrait of Pamela Spriggs, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: Portrait of Pamela Spriggs

Name: Ian Spriggs

Country: Canada

Software: Maya Mudbox photoshop vray zbrush ZBrush

Submitted: 30th June 2015

This is a 3D portriat of my mother. So far it was the most challanging portrait I have done, the scarf was time consuming to model and I found matching the likeness in her hands was difficult. It was created in Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop and rendered with Vray, Hair was done with nhair with the vray hair material. I hope you like it. More can be seen on my website wwww.ianspriggs.com



Its beautiful!! Big fan of your work


Master of realism 10/10 :slight_smile:

May I ask you did you used Zbrush and Mudbox both? I am wondering why this project wasn’t made entirely in Zbrush. Has Mudbox any good thing, that Zbrush haven’t?

Regards :slight_smile:


I am still quite new to zbrush, so I decided to do some of the portrait in zbrush as a learning experience.
Mudbox has really nice cameras, it is good for accuracy when you’re modelling from a photo.


This is front page material here.
CG Choice Award gets my vote.
Awesome work man!


This is an amazing work Ian, I particularly like how you did the lighting and also that amazingly detailed scarf. Your love for her really shows in this creation. I’m a beginner and my dream is to be able to model like this! I followed you and look forward to seeing more in future :slight_smile: