Portrait of Liz and Gabriel, Ian Spriggs (3d)


Title: Portrait of Liz and Gabriel

Name: Ian Spriggs

My latest 3d portrait was a commission from Neill Blomkamp of his sister Liz and nephew Gabriel. Created in Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and rendered in V-Ray. More can be seen on my website http://www.ianspriggs.com/portrait-of-liz-and-gabrielle/. Hope you like it!


Dude, you REALLY broke out of the uncanny valley with LIZ !!
kudoz. even the best 3d portrait artists still have that uncanny valley feel.
She does not. Feels like a real person.
The kid not so much im afraid.


Wooow thats amazing work!, i really love it man, how much time do you spent on that one?


Excellent! :applause::keenly:


Astonishing!, job well done.