Portrait of Graham and Amanda, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: Portrait of Graham and Amanda

Name: Ian Spriggs

Country: Canada

Software: maya mudbox photoshop vray

Submitted: 31st May 2016

This is a portrait of my friends Graham and Amanda. Having two people in a portrait was pretty challenging as I not only had to create the likeness for each but also show the dynamic between the two. I tired to pay attention to straight vs diagonal, light vs dark, ridged vs relaxed, and soft vs hard. Hopefully these opposites reflected in their personalities as they are connected, but unique. It was created in Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and Vray. Hope you like it.


So well done! Excellent on many levels, including those you attempted to address. One element that I responded to, which appears ambiguous, which may be what you intended. He appears to be focused on some “thought” rather than on her. If you want him to appear to be looking at her, then an adjustment is needed, from my point of view, but if you want him to be in his “own world” then it works as is. It vaguely suggests an emotional estrangement, despite their seated proximity. Either way, well done.


as usual, your portraits are stunning!


I would say it doesn’t look “photoreal” but rather an extremely lifelike portrait.
which is wonderful because most “photoreal” rendering these days has a creepy ugly look to it and
falls in that creepy lifelike but not territory.

Yours is just a beautiful portrait and captures the elements of the characters that matter.
the way it should be done in my opinion.

how did you do the cloth? Did you use marvelous designer?


Thanks, that is a pretty cool compliment. All the clothes were sculpted in mudbox.


Amazing work, great attention to details as usual :slight_smile:
I like the atmosphere between these two characters I think it is very unusual. There is a story to tell.
Well done, great models :slight_smile:


Hey Ian First off just amazing work. When I saw that I had to post it on our facebook page and it’s gone viral. We would love to do a feature with you on how you created this amazing piece of art. We would love to feature that on the main page. Thanks


You have created a fantastic work! Really Awesome :slight_smile:


That is outstanding work. So much realism.