Portrait of Geoffrey Spriggs, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: Portrait of Geoffrey Spriggs

Name: Ian Spriggs

Country: Canada

Submitted: 19th October 2015

This is a portrait I did of my father. Created in maya, mudbox, photoshop and vray, hair was created with nhair and the vray hair shader. You can check out more on my website www.ianspriggs.com. Hope you like it.



Awesome! Very well done…Which is your father’s opinion about this?


Amazing work. Top row IMHO.


wow … :bounce: so great work


Awesome work yet again. Nice work Ian


say do hand Sculpt the shirts and the coat?? I had Hard time with sculpting cloths, how do you get that tension on those fabric? any tips? Looks really good top notch work… :bowdown:


Hi, glad you like my work. Usually when I start sculpting the clothes I just make sure to have some photo reference, I try to eliminate any guess work and be sure that each fold makes sense. It is also important to try to keep attention to the anatomy underneath as that affects what the folds will do. As for sculpting techniques I just use the regular brushes in mudbox, nothing too fancy.


Very good! I love every aspect of the image!


Wow! Ian it’s fantastic work!!