Portrait of an Old Man, Tony Reynolds (3D)


Amazing textures, really I like it.


Awesome work


now that looks like a living person :slight_smile:
but the hair of the beard look to soft


Great image, the moment I saw it and watched the promo for this tutorial I was sold. The best money Ive ever spent on a tutorial, in the first 5 minutes I was able to shave 15 minute off of zbrush/maya renders and the results looked even better. It filled in all the holes in my Maya Mental Ray lighting shading rendering pipeline. This DVD is essential for any trying to achieve hyper/photoreal human characters. Here my first character shaded and lit using the techniques on this DVD. I’m doing a test for Music Video and this brought my model to a whole new level. As you can see I haven’t gotten to the hair portion of the tutorial yet

Any Way Great product, great image, essential for anyone trying to up there game


Absolutely stunning work. I loved all the details.
Congrats man!


ASW: Cool to see that it was helpful. Let me know if you need more help on the hair. I’d love to see a before and after.


It reminds me of Benjamin Button movie where Brat Pitt had been modeled in, well done mate, wonderful. Thumbs up!


nice work,love how you manupulated it, spacialy how you detailed the face it convinces, but i fill like the hair is not realistic. but part of that i give 8 out of ten


The hair definitely needs some work. I just got to the point where I needed to be done with the video. So the hair is to the point where I took it in the tutorial. I’ve done better hair, in my Adama portrait for instance, but I needed to move on. Thanks for the crit, the next image will be better.


The skin colour is pretty. I like the wrinkles and the facial expression. :slight_smile:


WOW…excellent u done a great job…:slight_smile: *****



Great picture !

Thanks for the tutorial Tony !
I bought it the first day it was online !


Wow… very expressive! And, impressive! :smiley:


great work!


it’s a very great skin looks.!!


Hey, it’s Clint Eastwood in five years!

  1. Skin shader
  2. His glare

If I would be into character modeling, your tutorial would be my first choice.


Great job, love the face expression!


Outstanding!! expression so realistic- wow! (do agree on hair issue)


This looks like an excellent tutorial. Thank you for sharing your technique.