Portrait of an Old Man, Tony Reynolds (3D)


Wow!!! Amazing.


unbelievable! great job!


Congratulations very well. This is how such a realistic way to work after the lump zbrushda model?


maximum quality, nice !!


so realistic! fantastic work



Damn, this proves that mental ray can still make some amazing skin shaders, like vray does, amazing job i definitely thinkin’ in buying the dvd!


Congrats Tony! Amazing work. :slight_smile:


impressive old man, so much ENERGY

Great work !!!


Kinda reminds me of George Carling, Great work!!


This is some CSI type stuff here man. Seriously, you could make a killer career catching criminals! Haha. On the creative side, I love the “bitter old man” expression on his face! Do you see yourself as a bitter old man in the future?? Haha jk. Great work man!!


awesome job! The shader on the face is stunning.

I can’t criticize it because I could not do anything remotely close to this but if I was awesome and could back it up I would ask if the ears are the same shader as the head? It looks a bit shiny.


The skin shader is very convincing. I like the areas under the eyes and the reflection of the skin on the nose.

cobra 6


Great texturing and Modelling well done man


i like his face expression :slight_smile:


Very nice work! Did you create the topology of the face with animation in mind?


Brilliant work …
if you show me the breakdowns then it will very helpful to me to learn … :smiley:


awesome!!! great work


Absolutely stunning render.


AnimAitor: It has animatable topology. If you want the model it comes with the video.

adnaninside: If you watch the video and need more info, you can email me directly with any questions.

everybody: thanks for the kind words and crits.


Hey look, I find your portrait really excellent, the lighting, use of colour, I’m impresseddd

Beautiful Art work