Portrait of an Old Man, Tony Reynolds (3D)


Title: Portrait of an Old Man
Name: Tony Reynolds
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is the final render from my newly released Eat3D tutorial video on creating a realistic portrait in Maya. The model was created in ZBrush and the lighting and rendering was done in Maya with the Mental Ray renderer. The portrait is an age-progressed self portrait and was a blast to make. I hope you enjoy it as well.


I really like works like this - nice model and good quality texture. Skin looks good too. Only hairs would need some improvment (face hairs).



wow :slight_smile: very good work !! :applause:


I think this needs more work on specular map,but anyway,great work!


wtf , this is really cool ( this great work need a background ) .


Great skin shader!


very good work:applause:


5 Star, top row image :buttrock:


Awsome skin shader, thinking of doing a max version of the tutorial?


I am not an expert in 3D Max, but it may be a possibility, since I learned to do Mental Ray materials with a lot of 3dMax documentation. But right now there are no plans.



Very nicely done. The facial hair is a little odd, but otherwise it looks fantastic.


Amazing image, I only wish I didn’t have to by a DVD to see how you made it. :sad:
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Congratulations. Very expressive face modeling. Also the textures are great.


wat a skin shader killer…beautiful texture


Great job… thinking of buying the video.


Great Job ! skin like real . congratulations
5 stas


Impressive! Great work!


Very nice!! Love the shader! ;D


Amazing textures and a great render! Saw a link of your tutorial earlier on the web. Mind blowing piece of work! :bowdown:


Wonderful skin texture and what an expression. Great job.