Portrait of a woman, Yury Rybakov (3D)


Title: Portrait of a woman
Name: Yury Rybakov
Country: Belarus
Software: 3ds max, Maya, Photoshop, VRay

Modeling done in Maya, hairs - hairtrix (12 mln tris), texture 10 000x10 000 for reflection mask and normal map, for diffuse 2048x2048.


I don’t like her nose and collarbone area. Besides everything is great!


The details are really good and also the render is awsome. only the collar bones looking a little straight. but altogether it’s a nice work.:slight_smile:


Awesome and inspiring work! The mouth, eyes, and hair are very realistic.


Great looking character and render. Her hair and the wool texture of her oufit are amazing too. Well done :slight_smile:


Beautiful sweater.:slight_smile:


This is extremely good. I love how it looks like she has lip gloss on :smiley: My only crit is the hair (which is good too) doesn’t look realistic/correct to me in how it falls/formed at the front, but this is probably a subjective thing…

Would love to see how you put this together!


Well done, except the one are two that is already pointed, you have done an excellent job.


very nice modeling by the face i like it the skin & hire but the eyes i think u have aproblame ok shes not in the canter

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:


well its pretty nice just the right eye somehow doesnt fit in properly. the rest is pretty cool



really nice render


Thanks for comments. Click on image to see higher resolution - 2000x2000


great work man


awesome work :buttrock:


The underside of the nose is missing texture\bump, and the color\spec looks slightly blotchy on my monitor, but i know a lot of work has gone into this and overall it is a fantastic work, the hair and fur effects look awesome, love to see more!.


great work. very realistic. i like it :slight_smile:


Great work! The hair and sweater looks awesome! Could you give some insight on the process?



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