Portrait of a woman (nudity)


It’s been quite some time since I painted (and finished) anything in Photoshop and sometimes I feel like I have made no progress in the past few years. I also feel that I’m missing basic composition skills that make all my images lack something, one way or the other. This is something I need to work on, but I don’t really know where to start.

So, I’d really like your honest opinion on what I should improve, what you think of this image and where it goes wrong. Thank you. :slight_smile:

This was done in Photoshop.


The heads a bit to big?


Thanks, maybe I’ve been staring at it for too long to notice that. I’ll try experimenting with some different proportions.


I like the idea (concept?) of this picture although it may be a bit lacking in its execution.

First thing I noticed is that the anatomy is off. Her face looks askew which I think is because the angle of the mouth is different than angle of the eyes. I think her head might be too large, but the biggest issue is the lower body/hip area. Her legs start too high up so it looks like she doesn’t have any crotch. This makes her entire body appear too short, which might contribute to her head looking too big.

Have you used any references for this picture? If you haven’t, I suggest you do so, as well as start studying and practicing drawing human bodies. I, myself, suck at using references as well as doing much needed anatomy exercises, but when I do, the quality differences are huge!

I’m only an amateur hoping to learn how to paint using Photoshop, but I hope my comment was somewhat useful to you.

Good luck with your art and keep practicing! :smiley:


Looks like you are putting the cart before the horse in your artistic development. You’re trying to jump straight into surface polish and details before you learned the basics of anatomy and figure, and that is going to be a huge detriment to your artistic development, as you’ll end up with all kinds of bad habits that will sabotage your future growth.

If you have never been to the Art Techniques and Theories forum (linked below in my signature), I recommend you go there and read the sticky threads, as they will correct your bad habits and help you develop much more efficient learning and practicing routines that will make your grow much faster as an artist.


Thanks for taking the time to comments folks. Essentially it comes down to what I already know (and chose to ignore) and that’s the fact that I lack basic skills. I do find it hard to motivate myself to also practise the things that I don’t like, but I’ve come to a point where there is no progress possible without it. I guess I just needed a kick in the butt. Off to the technique forum I am. :slight_smile:


You and me both. I ignored my shortcomings until I got so frustrated that I could hardly draw/paint anymore and now I’m trying to do something about it so I’ll also start practicing things that I find boring.

The technique forum is really great (I’m very new so I still haven’t checked everything out) and I’ll hang there a lot I think. Found some really good articles on lighting yesterday among other things.

As I said in my previous comment, I think your picture has potential and I would love to see you try doing it again after you’ve practiced for a while. :slight_smile:


Good to know I’m not alone. :slight_smile: I do sometimes feel that this is the one thing I missed out on, not going to artschool. It’s so much easier to only paint what you like, when you have no one to answer to. I’m really starting to realize that now, that I need to go back to basics. See you soon in the Tech forum. :slight_smile:


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