portrait of a magic warrior, Chaichan Artwichai (2D)


Title: portrait of a magic warrior
Name: Chaichan Artwichai
Country: Thailand
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This is a portrait of the witch who leads the macical army in to the war. I made this character for fun and practice my skill.
Sketching from painter pencil brush and coloring in photoshop
and all done without reference. hope you like it.


Truly amazing! I like it very much! I love the concept and textures… Color pallette you used fits very good. Really good work. Cheers, Jameli. :slight_smile:


Could’nt even imagine myself doing this for fun :smiley: …Man this work is really something…great going with the style…


Beautiful character design, and one more time a very interesting brushwork :slight_smile:


I like the details very much. It recomended me some secession work of Alfons Mucha.



This is awesome and bizarre, I really love the style. Now THAT is a different witch!


Really cool… love the particular face.

It reminds me the fighters’ studies of Da Vinci


Thank you for compliment.


I like the design and the details! The colours are well blended as well! Good stuff mate :slight_smile:


Excellent, i love it !


correct me if i am wrong guys, but i seem to remember this image from art history . . .

i think it is from the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci? hmm, maybe Michelangelo.

but i think the similarity is quite close, i think you should really give credit to your inspiration if you are going to post something like this.

if i am totally out of line, then somebody please correct me.


here is a link to the Da Vinci drawing that i find this extremely similar to . . .


apologies if i am posting the link incorrectly.


I can see similarities, but honestly they’re quite different, the only things they have in common is that its a profile of a face (which is very different btw) with a head piece that extends forward. You kind of make it sound like he copied the Da Vinci drawing, and that’s really not the case.

btw Underhill its a hot painting


Great character, love the colors and design. Amazing Work.


okay, if i was just seeing too much similarity that was not there i apologize then.


Interesting character design. I love the attention to detail and textures here. It’s a very intriguing design. The hooked, beak-like nose is very prominent. Nice work.


Oh abruptly!


Beautiful painting!


Very inspiring and brilliantly executed. Keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


Thank you very much for Comments and critical.
I have some work process to share, hope you enjoy