Portrait of a Girl : Wingmu Bomei - Nature Version, Nguyen+Binh Minh (3d)


Title: Portrait of a Girl : Wingmu Bomei - Nature Version

Name: Nguyen+Binh Minh

Hello all artist !!

There is my work about my ex-girlfriend, i do it because I want share my feels to her and i love her :smiley:
It finished render in maya, use Arnold engine. I finished her for 3 months.

Hope you like my work. I will do some making of portrait.


Wow that is amazing work. An awful lot of time and effort for an ex girlfriend, I guess it must be true love. :wink:


Amazing! :applause: It looks so real and she’s so beautiful. I agree with Dillster, you made that with your feelings towards her. She looks a lot like my ex too…my ex crush.hehehe


hehehe, thanks you, my pleasure :thumbsup:


Beautiful render and quite realistic girl!


Your ex girl friend was “Quynh Anh Shyn” :banghead:
I’m jealous


this is a realistic recognizable face of your ex girlfriend, do you have her permission to do this ??? If you don’t have her permission, this is a violation of her privacy


Hope she feels your heart for her :). And also awesome work!