Portrait of a Girl, Rod Seffen (3D)


Title: Portrait of a Girl
Name: Rod Seffen
Country: United Kingdom

This was an attempt at character photorealism, perhaps the most difficult form of Cg realism.
I wanted to render a full character, including hands and feet, not in flat GI lighting, but strong directional lighting which gives rise to the subtle hue and tonal variations that 2d artists are used to portraying, but is very difficult to do in 3d, and it required the setup of a lot of lights and luminous ‘light boxes’ with various colours and light blockers.
This is pretty much a clean 3d render, by which I mean there is no ‘paintover’ in photoshop, since that would defy the point of the exercise. The photoshop work consisted of levels, colour balancing, and dodge to pick out highlights.
The hair was rendered in several layers/passes and strategically blended together in photoshop, again with some dodge tool to pick out highlights. I pretty much had to model every hair strand with 2 point poly chains for complete control over the shapes.
Modeled in mudbox and rendered in Lightwave.
Big thanks to Steve Worley and his fantastic Lightwave plugins (Sasquatch, G2, Fprime) without which this would not have been possible.


stunning work !

but maybe i have better idea why dont you bring a camera and talk a photo save the time :cool:


Flawless image. Nothing more to say :wink:


One thing I should point out is to view the image full size, otherwise it looks a bit blurry when it’s reduced.


great work 5*:slight_smile:


Absolutely stunning, great. 5 stars :slight_smile:


a future award for sure. Please, wires :wink:


great piece
love the skinshading you´ve done here.
i think the hair could have some improvement. but still since i love the rest so much 5*


F**K!!! O_o! Great!!
So… No front page and no award for this one too?! :twisted:

Awesome piece of art!! Congratz!! 5 Stars from me! :thumbsup:


great work 5 stars from me :thumbsup:


Unbelievable! You really caught the lighting used in many oil paitings found in historical art. Would love to see a wire :slight_smile:


she is perfect:bowdown:


absolutely amazing , front page stuff , 5 stars :bowdown:


Amazing work¡¡¡

It´s perfect, and the model too ¡¡¡

Great work.


pitty, that you did not render her in bigger res, Iwould really like too look at the details


You got that feel for sure oDDity. Excellent piece.


beautiful works!!!


Just amazing ! 5 stars man !


super job fantastic


Amazing realism, but what makes this work so special is the sublime pose of the model, the subtle expression on her face, and the classical mood imparted by the shading and colors. 5*