Portrait Of A Girl, Dongmei (2D)


Title: Portrait Of A Girl
Name: Dongmei
Country: Canada
Software: Painter

My coworker asked me to do a oil painting portrait for her, since it takes too long to do a real oil painting on canvas, i came up with this, trying to mimic the oil media.It’s done in painter 8, One day of working.


Looks like you succeeded! =)
I love this type of work, so it gets 5 from me. The only thing that really stands out, is that the clothing feels a little detail-less. I could probably find more things to crit in terms of realism, but since this is meant to look like an oil painting…no further crits. =) The lighting is wonderful. claps

What sort of references did you use? (just curious)


I really like your use of light as well. Very nicely executed. you should be proud of this one.


Excelent. Makes me want to try painter =)


wow, cgtalk’s service is fast, i thought it would be posted after 2days, actually only took 2 mins!
thanks Sunbane and Zukum
It’s just a regular shot she gave to me.Nothing fancy.I created the light of my own.


Very good work, especially when you consider the time frame. The only thing that I would suggest is that you blend the colours a bit in the skin tone to make them less jarring. Not much, just a bit. That’s my personal preference, anyway.


sucks dude.

naw just kidding, its fricking great! good color! very warm, im sure she will be xtra pleased. no crits for 1 day of work!

edit ok one crit. her left eye is not looking in teh same spot as her right eye


Perfect. Absolutely perfect.





Nice portrait you have there. But the eye to our right seems not right in perspektive.

Take a look here… maybe you should fix that.

And maybe some wore work on the upperbody and arms.

Keep working :thumbsup:


hi i am sanjo. I am frome INDIA.This is wonderful.Lighting is wonderful.I ilike the the way the hair treated

pleaseeeeee…I want to know the way u worked. I mean the base tequniqes can u post me some detail.Because i have no proper book or guides .or it will be great pleasure to me if u direct some good sites about painter…





Thank your guys for you feedback,
Grugi, thanks, but i dont think your perspective is right, becuz like i said i painted it based on
a photograph provided, precision and perspective wise, there shouldnt be any problems, unless the camera cheated.
little Picasso, 我知道你为什么来这里挑场子,不知你想到没有你这样做只会给整个


nice painting! this is great looks real.



PS:如果真的想给中国人争光的话,就不要拿一些老图来充数。评个4星5星的并不算什么,有本事把图灌进【EXPOSE 3】,那样才叫争光!


No words for it.five stars from me.
Your tech used here is exactly what I want to have,a long way to walk for me,isn’t it?
To my surprise you are a chinese too,why not show it on your avatar?
Your two’s dispute is the worst thing I want to see,a lady or gentleman would not do this.


zhuzhu 你好,谢谢你的评价。




以后如果遇到词穷,千万不要把中华民族抬出来,有点过大,还没有到那个境界和层次。既然说到了形的问题,trace photo并不是什么见不得人的事情,很多商业插图就是这么做的。但是绘画艺术不是单纯地追求表面的像,你的这张图的确刻画得不错,但是少一点感觉,可能就是你太在意像的缘故,少了一些自己的主见。


Gabrill, thanks for your comments.
sorry about that if it bothered you, I live in Vancouver now.
Idont want to dispute but obviously sb here
isnt following the 4 rules very well. i am trying to translate it to him becuz i assume he doesnt
understand English very well