portrait, Kyungup Hyun (3D)


Title: portrait
Name: Kyungup Hyun
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush


This work is an imitation of Steve McCurry’s photograph.

This is a personal 3D work.

I watched Steve McCurry’s photo exhibition.I was struck with his photographs.

I tried to express his exquisite pieces of art work.

Tool : Z-Brush , Max ,Photoshop

your comments. Thanks for watching


This looks exactly like the original :bowdown:

Amazing work, great job on shaders/texture, fantastic render. Congratulations :thumbsup:


wow, I can’t say anything !!!
very nice Sculpting! Amazing!



Those eyes…
Is the hair 3D too?


awesome job man
i was just watching one of steve McCurry´s portraits book the other day
great photos

i also want to know what you did with the hair


Just stunning… Iam speechless. I sat for an hour comparing the real photo to your 3D version, and I must say this one is even better then the photo… Amazing work!


Absolutely outstanding work! It looks identical to the original photo! One of my favorites of all time!

No crits AT ALL! 5 stars.

:bowdown: inspiring to say the least


wow, amazing work :eek:
great job on the face & eyes !
can you share some light and render setup ?


stunning work man , very recognizable :applause:


awesome I can only say Is one of the most beautiful things that ever I saw


amazing, I’ve always love this photo, and this is amazing… thats all I can say…


OMG!!! It’s EXACTLY like that foto! You’re completely crazy :buttrock:
Her eyes are alive :cry:


:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: plz show us a making of…


Stunning work. It’s crazy to me that the girl in the original photo is only 12 years old.


Amazing work!


Amazing job. You managed to capture the intensity of the expression that made this photo such an icon. Front page work IMO.


outstanding …top row :bowdown:


Wow Perfect!! compliments!!:applause:


Amazing recreation, outstanding!


This is the best work I’ve seen quite a while. I like the mood and the painted look!