portrait: girl


I started this some time ago but then lent my tablet to a friend and by the time i had gotten it back I’d forgotten the project. We’re kinda of having a little fight right now and I’m hoping finishing it for her might help… :love:


list of things to be done:

-do something about that accursed hair! i need to check out a good hair tutorial because this is something I have not managed to figure out on my own.

-find something better to do with the eyebrows

-touchup the area around the eyes

-give her some real eyes instead of giant pupils. I'm exploring doing something special for them :D

I was amazed at how well the cloth came out, this is only my third attempt at cloth. the first tiem failed miserably, and the second managed to get accross the point that it was cloth but still looked rather horrid. I’ve always been terrified of cloth and my subconcious will play tricks on me to get me to forget about patinting once I get to a cloth part. Also, I struggled forever with the nose. She has a very difficult nose to paint, but I feel that I have finally gotten it to resemble her and dare not risk messing it up.

Painter 8 + Wacom Intuos2


Any way you can post this in a smaller size? It’s about 9x my viewable area and I have to scroll left-right and up-down to see it all.


The hair should be easy. Just some quick, defined brush strokes should do it. Oh how I wish I would’ve done this for a girl…haha.


heh sorry m8, sometimes I forget some people have smaller screens. is it better now?


I worked a bit on the hair. think I finally found a technique that captures the feel, although not quit the look, of her hair. Still needs some work I feel, but is looking much better than that stand-in hair.

edit: changed image to a slightly updated one in which i fixed some things that were really bugging me, nothing major

full-size version


Thanks for the redux, it’s much easier to see now.
First of all, if this is a “making up” picture, you might want to draw her smiling. She looks kind of sullen right now. Giving her the picture telling her that “this is how I like to think of you” would be a nice touch, especially if she’s got a happy face. :wink:

As for the hair, it’s better but there’s still room for improvement. Experiment in another layer with drawing it all as one blocked out area, then add a few white highlights in the direction of her hair. Here’s an example: www.emilystrange.com/beware/indexmain.cfm .
If that’s too drastic you can use smaller highlights and blend them in with a smudge tool.

Not sure, but her chin looks a bit long. Hr nose appears to have no angle at all, but we don’t have to mention that if it makes you nervous.

Aside from the white jacket, you’ve got no shadow in the picture so the image looks flat. In another layer, add shadows and highlights. If you’re not working from a reference photo, pick a light source of your own and shade accordingly. One side of her nose gets light, the other gets shadow. Remember to highlight the ridge of her shoulders and collarbones, top of her cheek bones, and under jawline gets shadow. Area under her eyebrow also gets more shadow – I see it’s already got a little tinge of pink, but it needs much more. Eyebrows should also get a little smudge of white. Don’t shade with black. Use a natural tone like a warm brown or a rose since she’s already got a pinkish complection.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


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