portrait attemp, Alex Huguet (3D)


Great render and model


Wohoo nice work!
[left]One thing i see not that important but the wrinkles under the eyes may lock more natural if they where more in line with the eyes form.
And something about the wrinkles just above the nose except that its almost like a photo great shaders and amazing everything me like.


Nice skin render!


Wow, hauntingly real. It actually creeps me out a little! Fantastic work. I like your DOF choices.


Wow. How can you not like it. It’s fabulous. Thumbs up buddy.


Very great job! Very photorealistic!


ese metamesh que esta hecho una maquinadepelarpatatas ole tus huevos. Ole your eggs.


ostias tu no seras el freevisio de el 3dsymax de hace 10 o 12 anyos??

thanks everyone for the comments and feedback, i do agree in the comments about the ears being a bit small and the shading…agan thanks for commenting!


Wow! This is soooo realistic! Congrats, m8. :bowdown:


I am confused whether it is a picture made by softwares or a photo took by camera~ so real~


It does look extremely real, however the fact he has his oxygen tube and is in a hospital gown yet he is taking a portrait kinda breaks the realism.


Great light and material, especially the skin surface details, great


Just amazing! :buttrock:


Stunning Art piece ! looks like Picasso ! Congrats !


Definitely one of the best and most realistic renders here. I agree about movies, if they can get the 100% realism into animated people they will have the issue cracked.


Amazing piece of work…Great job done!! congrats Alex :beer:


gorgeous, wonderful study - I particularly like the neck and chin


very great work


WOW. Superb modeling, texturing, and rendering. :bowdown:


hey thanks a lot for dropping by after so long! thanks for the comments!

Joe, thanks, I used max’s hair system for the little bear on the chin…I did a whole hairdo for the guy but at the time vray didn’t have hair shader and I didn’t like the result so I didn’t post it…