portrait attemp, Alex Huguet (3D)


Wow, I’d just started modelling this chap at home…but I think you’ve just taken the wind out of my sails!


Fantastic work!
Very realistic


Amazing image, so real and with a lot of emotion :slight_smile:


Just one word : AMAZING !!
I love it. It’s so absorbing.
Very great work !


Superb work man! Especially like his milky eyes.


wowwwww… :eek:


Amazing eyes, i can’t look away. Great Work it’s all i can say. :arteest:


Fine piece of work!

I don’t think the centered subject in an vast empty wide format frame helps in the “art” department. I can see a Chuck Close styled tight-cropped frame for this.


CONGRATS ALEEEX!!:bounce: :buttrock: :bounce: :buttrock:

You know…You are simply THE BEST!!! This is another Masterpiece!!:applause: :applause: :applause:


excellent…superb work:thumbsup:


Photorealistic attempt, accomplished…


Simply! I can’t believe my eyes XD
what a wonderful realistic work! :thumbsup:


Amazing detail. I think the skin looks a little too shiny, especially on his right side of the head. Other than that, really great work! :slight_smile:


Amazing! I couldn’t tell that it was a CG render until I was told and I looked at some of the unusually thick white short hairs on his chin. :thumbsup:


Amazing! :wink:


Only real Crit I can give is in his Ears. He has the ears of a young man, as it looks in the final render.
Great work :slight_smile:


top stuff!
holy guacamole!
love it, stylized and realistic in a way…
will it be animated at some point maybe?


wow! mindblowing sculpted face…


Nice portrait !


Wow! I can not distinguish it from a photo. :surprised
Indeed great work!