portrait attemp, Alex Huguet (3D)


Definitely one of your best Alex, you really captured everything you set out to do here. The macro details are added with incredible care and attention… congrats!




Great work man! Keep it up!


Wow…this can pass as real! Great job!


Incredible piece, as I said before everything is spot on.
Loving how the eyes capture viewers attention.

Congrats on the front page, well-deserved.



Ey Alex!
Amazing job. As usual. The render is great man. The eyes, one of the most difficult things, look real. The textures an shading are working great too… And, well, the detail… It simply ROCKS.



excellent work !


If I didn’t know any better, I would think it was a photo.


Fantastic job, i love it


Simply amazing!


Fantastic work! Hair is always one of the most telling aspects of a 3D portrait and you chose a perfect way around it.


nothing to crtk . . .just speachless…amazing works ! !
he remember me picasso …a little… :applause:


All is incredible! Cangratulations!



I cherish art like this, that transcends questions of medium and technique; but instead, aims right to the heart of what it means to be human.



This was exactly my thoughts also. Aside from the stunning CG work, this truly is a case of “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


That is an insane attention to the detail but while keeping a perfect balance with the whole structure :slight_smile:

Congrats on the front page, mate. Well deserved!


I saw your beautiful piece earlier and was wondering why it wasn’t on the frontpage. That has changed and deservedly so !!


Amazing. The mood, the lighting, everything is amazing. He almost bums me out to look at lol, so much emotion being expressed.


fantastic work!


Congrats for the frontpage, mate. It’s a good discovery see some textured models from you, it’s excellent. I love the model, the care for the detail and scale is perfect, yes, however the texture is a bit flat. I think it needs more detail, some small veins at nose or some dark spots at the forehead. But I don’t remember the guy with this so I could understand. are the eye textures the same in both eyes? :slight_smile:

waiting for the demo.


oh , fantastic man./ I love it .all of things are nice:D