portrait attemp, Alex Huguet (3D)


Title: portrait attemp
Name: Alex Huguet
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Maya, Mudbox, VRay, ZBrush

here is an atempt on realistic portrait, modeled in maya+zbrush+mudbox, rendered in vray, fusion for color correct.Based in one of the photoshoots from 3dsk, not sure I like or not the final render…


Superb realism!

Please show us wires and stuff!

5/5 deserves award gallery IMO


I think soon wil be no need in expensive Actors :slight_smile: On big Holiwood companies . Only need for good Artists :slight_smile: :applause: :bounce: This is good one


For my part I like the final render :thumbsup:


WOW!!! Definitely-- this one got soul :buttrock:


Very realistic! I like it very much! Congrats!


This is awesome…Love the skin shading…:DD

Share some Vray ssss …plZ…:stuck_out_tongue:


great character, great modeling and shading.


cool work! Amazing shaders
best regards


Look great… i though it was a photo at start :slight_smile:


WOW! amazing work. I would love to see the process on how this was made. Just amazing.


love the eyes of the character , and the mouth area the are so believable , and the displacement is spot on. not over use but gets the required detail.
A top noch job as always.


The thing I like the most about this piece is not the amazing realism, the model or the lighting, done with such high technical and artistic high level . But the best is the decision of just showing and old man, wearing which I guess are hospital clothing and breathing tubes. It makes the whole composition more human and less “all full CG”, which bring something fresh to the table.
It almost make you look in to his eyes, and wonder about the man long life… coming to and end.
I like it when someone does art that makes you think deeper than what you just see.
Great job!!


Modeling and the material is very good !


Great job.Like it so much .
Good luck in future !


thank you everyone for the kind words, here are some screenshots showing some more info on the model:


wow! you’ve even captured that zbrushiness that the models have in the pictures!
Love the small details, and great idea about breathing tubes (whatever they are called) it does add a lot of originality to the model.

This is going straight away to my “reference” folder.
Thanks for posting!! :buttrock:


Metamesh every time I see a new piece of art from you… I am in shock for a few minutes!! it’s amazing. Excellent work.

It’s so well done and it has so much personality I forget its 3D and I am asking to myself, which kind of illness has this patient!!!

spot on :wip: :buttrock:


Hey this is a great portrait and sculpt!


Scary how detailed it is… You got talent :slight_smile: