Portfolio site WIP [FLASH + Swift3D]


new portfolio site for me (pleez scale down your window to about 800*600
i wanted to keep things simple as ***, so 3 buttons, basic info, bla bla you know the story :wink:
Need to fix certain small errors (should be a constant 800
600 in size)

random choice of animation on section change though

oh, btw, the flash section aint finisjed/upped yet, so that wont work, try if you must but it wont

the addy


some crits plz?



Nice work man, but need some finishing in small details.
Notice that if you use 800x600 people in 800x600 won’t see your site in full screen, unless you use a popup window, in my opnion stick to smaller sizes like 770x420 or something like that.

See Ya!


If you have to get this up and running as soon as possible I think it is OK. I would then only recommend making the background color the same color of blue. There is also a way to get the window to automatically open at 800 x 600. You may need to know HTML to do this but there is a java script that will help control the size of the window. If you need help I may be able to copy/paste something to get you started. Before that however look into java script “newWindow” that should give you some clues.

On a side note if you have the extra time I’d recomend going to www.flashchallenge.com and looking at various uses of 3D art in interface design. The reason I’m recomending this is because I want to challenge to into challenging yourself to make a more impressive and easier to navigate interface. I had a hard time figuring out the words Flash / 3D were buttons.

I’m sorry if I offend you man but I already know you can do better because of the awesome 3D models you built.


no its cool man, appreciate the comment, i asked for it :slight_smile:

i want to make a pop-up, in which the site opens, so that should take care of the size

as for the colours, yes i agree, but i wanted a easy portfolio site fast.

gonna do a new one i a few weeks

thanx for the words


If this was your first flash site then its pretty good :slight_smile:

You into the “edgy 3D style” (in terms of flash design)?

It would be great if you had a loading bar or a percentage, to give an indication of the amount of time the viewer has to wait. (since I got a slow connection)

Also I think your 3D model are wic. Especially the military units, like the tank.

Anyway keep up the good work :slight_smile:


First, I have a question…how big is the file?? I am on DSL here and it loaded very quickly. Also how did you do all those 3D transitions and keep the file size down? I did a site with some 3D in it and had to reuse frames cause the thing was just getting too big when I varied the section transitions too much.


I love the 3D models, especially the military stuff. In the contact section you should make the email address clickable so it opens up the persons email automatically when they click on it. VERY easy to do in flash…and makes it much easier for the user to email you.

The text for the site and the loading text are a really boring…especially considering the cool 3D transitions between sections. That could be easily fixed and would make a big impact on the overall look of the site. The loading text is kinda cheesy compared to your other 3D work. Maybe just pick a nicer font to use.

Don’t want to sound like a complainer or being picky…but you have a nice concept for the site…follow through and make it as nice as it seems you can. :thumbsup:


i am honest just like Simon on American Idol…
your site is terrible first of all, it looks way too big, most people use 800X600 screen resolution, so you should design for that size. Also, add a loading bar, make the site more visually appealing so far it looks blah… i’m not trying to be harsh, but that’s how i learned to get better by getting good criticizm for my design work… some people think they can just make a site and that it is easy… NO, you need to have design talent and have a basic understanding of web aesthetics… keep us posted


Originally posted by sebek27
…it looks way too big, most people use 800X600 screen resolution, so you should design for that size.

do you ppl EVEN read what i posted?
i guess not cos then you would have seen that i said i was gonna scale it down to 800 * 600

thanx for the crits btw, appreciate it




all those “coming soons” can be removed, kind of a waste of space imho

on your 3d page you got enough work shown that you dont need those there.

and if they are for your own use, you can hide those im sure from users.

and your pic to fuzz, maybe slow the transitions down a bit, i kept on focusing on that rather then your work :confused:

OH* was gonna mention something about the scaling, but i scaled my page down to like 100x100 wow its still all in there, sweet nice job lol! thats a kool feature man


I think your work is awesome, but i feel it is somewhat degraded by the site.

I think its a victim of its own ‘coolness’ factor. I can’t really think of any other way to say it, but it looks a bit, well, plain and gimmicky.

I think the thumbnails need to be bigger.

Sorry to be so negitive.


i like the loading bar for the Work section, but the other 2 still have that nasty Loadin text. :slight_smile: i think all the larger title size and section fonts could be a lot nicer. you have a great start for a site but the text is killing it. other than that its nice. i like the new loading bar for the entrance to the site also. :thumbsup:


well, i’d stick to your 3d modeling. sometimes the navigation didn’t run when i clicked it a couple times. the interface is unoriginal (e-rain site), the transitions are so damn annoying & slow, and this is a website that does NOT need to be flash. if you’re trying to get work from a portfolio site like that i’d throw it out the window. m’m that’s about it. :smiley:


The site I am getting shows that this is up in the left hand cornder of the page. If I was you I would center this with in an htrml table so the flash doc is viewed in the center.

I agree with the post above that this looks very much like the erain site itself and if you want people to notice your flash site you need to make it a bit more original.

I was unable to look at any of your flash work unfortunetly. Are those links broken? would like to take a look at it to see if you can some ideas from flash work that you have already created.



it’s cool for ur first flash site man congrats :smiley:

but pleeasssseee don’t make a popup window… i h8 those little buggers :X


Originally posted by colmite
I was unable to look at any of your flash work unfortunetly. Are those links broken? would like to take a look at it to see if you can some ideas from flash work that you have already created.

i accidentally removed all the swf’s from from the server…
dont have internet here, so i cant re-up them for a few weeks

found ileft a few untouched…
process animation of how glass bottles are made. Made it during my traineeship last year:

and my signature on other boards…
resize to signature scale plz Don’t say its too big again i told you ppl to re-scale :stuck_out_tongue:


push the button in the sig for more variants


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