Portfolio Design


I would like some of your opinions on the design of my new portfolio website. I am no expert on flash by any means and this is really just the start of it. I have many other plans for the site, but it could be a while before I figure out how to implement them in flash. All comments and critiques welcome.



Cool design, I mean it. :wink:

Nothing else to say really.


It’s really large. I might prefer a leaner interface or some more details if you keep those proportions. It reminds me of www.kigot.com and www.xbox.com. Were these influences for you? I would keep at it. I think that it is heading in the right direction.


Yes, I did get a bit of inspiration from www.kigot.com. Never went to the xbox site though. I see now what you are saying about the size. I don’t know what I was thinking or how I will fix it. It might be ok though. Anyway, I will probably be posting an update within the next week, so please check it out again and comment on my progress. Thanks.


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