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Hello everyone, I have been roaming the education forums for a few years now and finally it is my time to start fully committing to a school and enrolling. I have a rather unique situation but essentially I am in the Marines, getting out honorably and will already have an associates in hand. During my 5 years I researched and studied most aspects of production, photography and animation. I decided animation should be my focus and kept that route. My list of schools is based on recommendations throughout this site and the web along with student works and research of the schools.

Animation workshop

I have the G.I. bill to take the blunt of tuition and many schools have yellow ribbon as well so cost shouldn’t be too much of an issue in my situation along with the government paying my average cost of living per area while I am enrolled.

So now the portfolio part, after a few years self learning and researching I started seeking college info and found I really needed traditional art skills to get in to most. I was lacking and hadn’t done traditional art since high school so I enrolled in a portfolio development course at LCAD. I would like to share what I have to work with and get suggestions on what to include/improve and also if people think I should make a sort of 3d animation reel for submission as well to show I have that skill set in the works. Lastly is it better for me to apply to all schools at once and take the $400 hit on fees or just go to my top picks one or two at a time?

This is the set of art I have so far for a portfolio:

I highly welcome and suggest other students post their works as well to compare and discuss.


A little update, I have applied to Ringling and SCAD, started on AAU but didn’t submit yet since their fee is $100 bucks. The funny thing is the only school to call me yet was AAU today to see if I needed help with the form.


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