Portfolio 3D artist feedback and advice


Hi all !

My name is Sebastian, I am 31 and I am a german 3D Art student and I would like to become a 3D artist. I am currently looking for first position as a 3D Artist (ideally Environment Art) and I need feedback for my
portfolio. So, it would be great if you could help

I am attaching the link to my website below.


Thank you in advance!




fix your hyperlink brother:



You are right of course, sorry for that.
I fixed the Hyperlink. Any feedback is still welcome btw. :slight_smile:




Hi Sebastian,
Some wonderful scenes and assets!
I think the scenes you’ve created really show off your ability.
Maybe making more scenes demonstrating different lighting and experimenting with colour palettes would help.
I think you have a wonderful style though!

What do you use to model and render?


Thanks man.
As I go for Game Art I usually use Unreal and/or Marmoset.
For modelling I stick to Maya and Zbrush, Texturing is mostly done in Substance Painter/Designer.
Hope that helps.




Hey guys,

it has been a while since I started this thread and my Portfolio has changes (hopefully improved) in the meantime.
It would be nice to get Feedback on what to improve/delete and what I should do in general to move forward and become better.
My main goal is to land a job in the AAA industry, ideally as an Environment Artist or Prob Artist.
Thanks in advance!