Portable micro ghosts machine (2)


I’m sorry for resubmitting my image.
But I realized I made a mistake with the ghosts. I trusted in their ‘native’ alpha map nature. But they fooled me (or I did a wrong recipe). Anyway this is my second and last interpretation of the ghost machine. Hope you like it.

PS: Lightwave and Apophysis


There be angels not ghosts! I do like this version better, the ghost (angels) like much more surreal and cooler!


Mmmh… maybe angels (even if they fooled me). But look at that one! The last who exits from the … boiler. What a nasty grin, he has… (at least in the high res version).


how to get this machine ? :slight_smile:
Those wings are WOW:eek:
good work LAV .


Absolute masterpiece! :thumbsup:


@sampi … I’ll send you the project (not the LW one’s, the REAL one’s!)
@Exper … Troppo buono! But the making of this picture made me happy! All derived by an Apo map I worked on for about 2 days.


Loving the idea and the realization.What about a more complex enviroment?


really nice image … i have a recommendation … if in this image you could remove the paper and like Zethriel said give it more complex environment …

but very nice image …



A lot of time passed by… And I forgot to show you this:

I sold the machine to an explorer… :wink:


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