Portable Download 2.78, what is it?


Looking over the download list at Blender, I noticed a build called Portable. I’m looking for the best one for my Surface Pro 4 and wondered if this might be good. However after several days of frustrating searching I still don’t know exactly what this is. At first I thought it might be optimized for touch screen, but then I read a review that implied it was some kind of streaming, non- installed version. But… the download size is larger than the regular one… This seems to be a case of assuming everyone is “in the know” to the point that everyone is leaving out the basic information about what exactly this software IS compared to other versions! Any help would be appreciated. Thx



Blender Portable is exactly the same as Blender “normal” .
If you use Blender on different computers, then Blender portable is a good idea because you can have it on a USB flash drive. Portable software means NO installer. Portable software are better in many aspects. These do not depend on system files and may run without being dependent on system resources.
For years I’ve been using Blender Portable. Works exactly like the full install for me on Windows 10.