port evening, Jie Ma (3D)


Title: port evening
Name: Jie Ma
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi everyone!
This is my last work,I like big ship very much,and often
to imagine it can fly

I have used 3dmax for modelling,vr render,and photoshop for textures

hope you like it


wow, i love this. great design and lighting


Perfect work, this is award stuff here :smiley:
Keep up great work!


Nice ideia!!!

Great work! really:thumbsup:


wow, that is really impressive!




I must say, my jaw dropped a bit. Nice work!


cool design 4*:thumbsup:


Wow this looks absolutely phantastic! Great
design and concept! Great atmosphere and
Phantastic lighting! Thumbs up! 5* from me!


:eek: great work…i like the mood:thumbsup:


i think this is really cool…

but i also think that due to your lighting the light source should be visble… i.e we should be able to see the sun. the rays reflection on the ocean seems to say we should be able to see it on the horizon.

great concept and artwork.


WWWOOOOWWW!!! That is a really great work!!
Good textures and lighting and very good modelling…

But I think that bearfoot is right and the light source (the sun) should be visible…

Ohh… and… a night version could be very cool!!


to bearfoot:
thank you for your suggestions,I think what you say is quite right.in my horizon,encountered a lot of trouble.
as you say,We need a sun

In subsequent works, I will pay attention to these

Thanks again


to eran1:

Thank you for sure,If there is a chance,I will bring all night edition,


nice! I really like it.


Good Job man and hurry up after this!!! hope you get a new!-------Bob


really nice design

i like the style and scene


Stunning image!

I love the ship and envionment. Beautiful shot. :thumbsup: 4 stars from me.


:thumbsup: hi guys!

it’s so great !like the view,keep it up!

cool job!


Thank you everyone for the kind words!Thanks