Porsche Speed : Car Animation


Hi peoples!

Finally I am allowing myself to post this on CGTalk.com :).

We made this film to showcase our CG abilities. We wanted to make the best showcase one can imagine for a new car. We chose the Porsche since we…just…like Porsches!

We storyboarded, previzzed, animated and rendered it all in house. Production took 4 weeks, rendering on a 8 core MacPro took 4 months non stop. All frames rendered at a minimum of 1 frame an hour, some took 24 hours per frame (the door opening took that long because of the blurry reflections). Everything was rendered in 1920x817 in Cinema4D. No Radiosity was used, only some area lights and a nice environment based on an EMC room.

Part 2 of this film is currently in production and is going to look even awesomer than this one :smiley: ! We plan on doing some sort of trilogy based around the awesomeness of the car.

This is the kind of stuff we want to do, create awesome films with a high production value that evoke a positive emotion.

Audio was created by Maarten from http://www.m-works.nl

Thanks again Maarten!

For more work check out our site:


Here is a Vimeo version with 1080p download:

Here are 3 direct links in Quicktime Format:


WOW!! that car looks soooo real!! nice job man cant wait for more work like that 5 * from me!


Great work dude, excellent job, keep going, i will be waiting for ur next video. 5 stars from my side. Please let me know u post ur next video…


hey,i have to say,i watched your site,and you guys are producing some nice stuff!
(5* from me,and btw does your studio have open job applications?)


Thanks a lot man! Really glad you like it.

I’ll let you know!

Thank you man! We try to do the best to our ability.

We do not have any job openings yet. We might have some in the future, let me know if you are interested and perhaps show us some of your best work? Always good to know some people wo can do stuff :).

Thanks people!


Absolut fantastic coool job I like porsche so much


Nice job:arteest:

i really doubt that if this was a real car ad that porche would accept this one!
for example the whole door scene is waaaayyy too long in my opinion!
i will give you ****:wavey:


Thanks kibo!

Thanks a lot for the constructive criticism! In my opinion this film is a bit on the slow side. I wanted it to feel like an introduction. Although, Pacing is so important, logical and natural but yet so hard to achieve if you start from scratch.

Thanks again!


WOw! Awesome work.

Talk about long render times. It’s a good thing that they paid off in the end.




Great work man, the car looks beautiful :slight_smile:


Very Amazing Rendering. And this will show very realistic environment. Rendering time takes more than the production time, it shows yours patience. Waiting for your next postings.


great work look real :smiley: whats the render engine?


Frontpage stuff! Really cool. :applause:


Thanks people!

The render engine is just standard Cinema4D raytracer with post DOF (also standard Cinema4D’s).

I like doing as much as possible with the base package since it just works the fastest and gives awesome results if you know what you are doing :).

Thanks again people! :beer: I’ll have to buy you all a beer!


I thought you used Vray or something… especially nice for the standard AR (2?). :buttrock:


i was thinking you were using vray for this too! Great to see some more awesome C4d work, keep it up guys!


Very well done Shademaster …
realy wonderful work …
I like it :thumbsup:


wow …
very very very good work …:applause:


Haha thanks! AR can do some pretty amazing things if you do your post work well and tweak your rendersettings a bit.

I tried to simulate a 35mm camera as much as possible, the DOF distances combined with the simulated 35mm film camera lenzes gives the nice cinematic feeling I was after.

I used a lot of fixed lens types like a 50mm F1.8 for the wide turnaround (distance from lens to ground is what a film camera on a low bowl tripod and on a dolly will look like). I have some experience directing TV commercials and I tried to emulate as much as the ‘equipment’ needed to shoot something like this.

Our freelance cameraman was actually rather insulted that we didn’t hire him to shoot this LOL :D. We had to tell him a couple of times it was just 3D.


looks very good, 5stars! How do you achieve the chromatic aberration? I assume it’s done in post, true?