PORSCHE GT3 - NURBS modeling tutorial


I can easily host the files

zip them and send them to: peters@adslhome.dk

I will upload them to www.casperchristophersen.com/shaddix - if you want…


Sorry my account at that domain ran out so anything on that domain and web server no longer works.


Exidge contacted me yesterday and said he will host it. It should be back online shortly. I dindt know people were still using my tutorial


Any chance that it will be up again?


If anyone wants it here.


Most of the links aren’t working :sad:


Look At The Post Before Yours.


Error, hit me up via msn again. Apparently most of the image files dindt get uploaded or something. We must sort this out asap. I discovered it today. My apologies.


Fixed! http://www.members.cox.net/theshaddix/initial.html


It seems like some links are still broken…


I could host the whole page, just pm me :slight_smile:
btw. nice work on the few pics I can see!


He still hasnt put the last images on, just do the ones that are working, it will be on soon.


something aint right. I cant upload most of the images, and when i do, it still doesnt work.
ZT-ORION, if u want, u can host this. I just wanna get it over with by any means. Whatever, hit me up on msn so we can get this sorted out asap, cuz i kno some ppl really need this tut up again.


was anyone able to host the pics? I really wanted to do this tut but w/out pics its a little hard to see whats happening. Please Please get her back up!!


I can host it on my website… PM or email me the content and I’ll put it up.


finally, uploaded.


ok guys, the tutorial is up. Thx to Shaddix for the tutorial.


if anything is not working, please let me know. And please use the bandwidth wisely, too much traffic and the site might close down.


I try to open thetutorial on the link but it wont open.


Sorry about that… seems to be a small problem with the server that’s carrying the tutorial. It will be fixed shortly…


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