PORSCHE GT3 - NURBS modeling tutorial




Do it!


Awesome…lets get the show on the road


Im in, sounds interesting


Step 1.

Get the blueprints from this site:

Use my mercedes tutorial to help you separate/setup them in maya (the link on the bottom), the setup section!!!

1.) Create CV curves (create/CV curve tool), Or EP curves, whichever you prefer, and then try to match the blueprints. After that, rebuild the curves (edit curves/rebuild) with 2-3 spans, 3 cubic degree.
Snap the ends together. Oh, and dont forget, that the edit points should be visible (window/settingspreffs/nurbs/new curves/ edit points).
Now, selecting control vertices and holding “V” key, snap the ends of all curves together.

2.) go to birail (surface/birail2), and then select the 1st curve, then the second, then the 3rd, and so on. A surface should pop up instantly.


Looks good so far (not much to crit)…
I tried to do one of these also (in maya) and I failed miserably, because the Nurbs Biral 3+ tool was spazzing out on me, and I was getting all kinda distortions and crap…


CCmon man, here is a good tutorial on how to make one of those.
FOLLOW!! and youll get there.
Birail3 is pretty easy if you understand it. It’s not really about Birail here, its about rebuilding and loft work, as well as manual tweaking. Ill show some nice techniques later on.
I just gotta have more people joining the process, so i can continue the tutorial.
WHO’s with me?


what, where is the tutorial?


REad the very first POST!!!
Im making a porsche as we speak, and if you want to get it right this time, follow it man. Ill post more images in a few min. It’s a real-time tutorial, LIVE.


Step 2


Create curves to match the blueprints. rebuild the curves with a reasonable value of spans and a degree 3cubic.
Snap the curves’ edit points to each other making some kind of web for a future birail process. If you move your edit points too far, curves will be all messed up, so you have to use control vertices to move the edit points as close as possible, and then snap the edit points, holding “V” key.
To insert edit points, right click a curve, choose curve point, and select that place where you want to insert a knot, go to edit curves/insert knot.


Use birail 3+ to create surfaces for the mudguard.
Here is how:
start from the upper part of the “web”, Choose birail 3+ tool, select the curves in order as shown on the image above, and then hit “ENTER”, then select the rails, i.e. the curves that are perpendicular to the ones uve selected (select only 2 of them as it’s only 2 rails. bi=2).

Repeat the process for all the curves, gettin separate pieces every time.


WHen you get all of them, attach them together using Edit NURBS/attach surfaces/ blend with insert knot unchecked!!

4.) DUplicate surface curves (edit curves/duplicate surface…).
Rebuild the curves, and then use loft (make sure that chord length is selected!!!). Should get something decent now.

5.) http://www.vertexstudios.net/Porschetut/6mudguardhulls.jpg

WE gonna have to edit the surface manually
HIt space bar, go to display/nurbs components/hulls.
Right click the surface, control vertices, and move them making sure that you get a good grid, just like working with polygons.


Whew, finally done!!!

POST your questions and suggestions guys.
HOpe my lesson is helping.


Hey, great :slight_smile:
I emailed you about a suggestion that would make any tutorials alot easier to follow, hope you like it :slight_smile:


Ok i just got maya a couple days ago and have been tryin to work on it every day since tryin to get the gist of it. I would love to follow ur tutorial its just that ive been working on maya all day today. So i will start with ur tutorial tomorrow and hopefully it will help me out. Cuz i really wanna make a car!! Thanks for posting the tutorial and i will keep in touch!


DOES anybody want me to continue this tutorial? You people dont seem to respond and that makes me think that this tut is not needed.


Keep this tutorial going i just dont have time to do it today! Ill join in tomorrow!


people need something more noticable to comment on, its a nice start but needs a hell lot of progress before it gets interesting for people


This is a turorial, not a wip work to show off. It’s meant to teach.


Please keep posting. Want to see how you build car with nurbs :).



Create 4 curves to match the prints. THen rebuild them using the rebuild tool, and first rebuild all curves with 3 spans, then rebuild them having that numspans checked in the options.
SHould get something like mine.


Use birail2 to create a surface, selecting the curves in order.
Make sure the ends are snapped.


Now you know what to do.


Use birail 3+ to create a surface.

Here is the final result for today:


hmmm…interesting, keep going.
I’m following (even tho it looks just like what i was doing before)


This is the area where many people, including me, usually find themselves confused. THe question is: how to do it and what to use?
Ill be working on that area tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates.


I guess “trim” and then “stitch”

…am I right? lol, i dont really know nurbs tools, so thats just really 70% guess.