porsche gt2


hey, here is the first object i almost finished… pls comment my picture!
i use max 6 and the picture is rendered with mentalray, but i wanna learn vray, but i understand nothing of it:sad: , so if some1 can give me tips, that would be handy :wink:
(btw i posted the grey one too, coz i think it has something cool on it :slight_smile:



:thumbsup: Nice car…although it seems to float in the air (especially the rear tire:shrug: ) and the left headlight looks a bit flat.
and i think the black background doesn t look so good either… (tried a white one?)
But it is a great modell, and with a little more work on the renders it will turn out even better.
BTW the grey one is way cooler than the yellow one…
So keep it up…


I love this model, but u need to use som GL, that would be great
try to lear vray and u will see the difference

keep working man!!!:slight_smile:


WOW!!! excellent 3D work!!! very impressive!! :applause:

2 things…

  1. the tires seem to lack texture
  2. not too sure about the shade of yellow


wow thnx for the great comments, i ll work more on the render, any1 has a good tutorial for vray for my car…?

and i ll fiix the problems!

more crits welcome… :wink:


have you tried those? seems to be quite ok


hey all, have some new renders, rendered with brazil, give some comments… thnx :wink:
(btw you know why my windows stay black, when i use brazil glass?)


new lighting rig is much better! :thumbsup:



i’d strongly suggest modeling those headlights, foglamps, and signal lights to look real. right now they’re pretty ordinary. also, it looks like the refractions on your headlights are completely flat. O_o did you forget to model thickness to the plastic/glass?


thnx for the comments

for the foglights and signal lights i didnt use textures, i modelled them, but they give a weird look, and yeah the meanlights look flat, ill fix that… any more comments…?


new render, tell me what ya think about it



The last pic really rocks!
It also looks like you got rid of the “looks like flying problem”.:thumbsup: But i think the white reflections are a bit to strong on the hood.
Nice Rims btw!


Very good work but ther is one thing…for me is to mutch reflected. But is only my opinion. Pal Dahl


thnx for comments…its maybe a bit reflective… here is an other render , this time i used hdri (brazil)
i have no idea if its good or not,is it realistic?
i really like your comments


rocks even more!:thumbsup: but it should be a bit brighter…
btw what´s the setup for the material on your rims?


thnx, ill make a brighter one…
i used brazil chrome with glossiness = 61
grey mat (174,174,174)
sample rate=19
thats all…


great job, only one thing sticks out to me. The tires are alittle too low profile, I know that there performance tires, but give em some meat. right now they just look to thin and CG. keep it up looks great. check out the tires on my 350Z if ya like.


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