Porsche Carrera Gt, Paul Wojdylo (3D)


thnx everyone for your C&C. I’d like to post a wire as requested but I’m not sure how to upload it from my drive. Can anyone help?


Thnx everyone for you C&C. I’d like to post a wire as requested but not sure how to add images to this post from my drive. Help anyone?


Thats a cool car. Do you have some wires. I am wondering if I should have a go at a car later.
Cgtalk is flooded with nice car models these days.


Love the render, it blurs the line between complete realism and CG.


Your model is some kind of EDGE or BLADE between “dreams” and reality…
Means - Outstanding!! :thumbsup:

(Now I’m expecting you to do some cars like Skyline or Evo8… hehehe)


omg omg omg omg…love it…very nice…flawless…:bounce:


ya thats sick my first word was porsche so i no alot about wat they look and that is gotta be the best lookin porshe evere


YOWZA! That’s great!
The lighting is SUPERB!


hey great car, love it, can you post some clayrenders? coz i looked at threedy too but i could not find any clays


wow!great car!


Amazing modeling and the shaders looks great to…Good job…


Hello -

A beautiful image, perfect for a desktop image. Sadly, that’s about as close as I’m ever going to get to owning one.

I want to tell you that the amber shading around the headlights read as CG in the first 2 seconds of seeing the image. It may be accurate, but it drew my attention. Funny how CG does that sometimes… a real detail may read as false…

In any case, outstanding work!



Thank you Mike_ … I know exactly how you feel … can’t afford one so I modeled one. and you’re right about the lights too. thanks for all your comments.


Try putting some sparkle in the paint. it would add some character and make it a bit more realistic. because right now it’s looking a little plasticy


looking good ! :thumbsup:
what program did you use to make that ?
can you let me know ?
thanks mate !


thnx crossman… I used maya from start to finish and mental ray to render.


one of my fav cars ever great job on the details on the car.:twisted:


the front bumper is not so good .I’m afraid


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