Porsche Carrera Gt, Paul Wojdylo (3D)


Title: Porsche Carrera Gt
Name: Paul Wojdylo
Country: Canada
Software: Maya

Poly modeling and MR for lighting took about 3 months to complete. Currently working on animationg the car. All comments and crits are welcome. Thank you.


O M G! superb modeling, maybe a lil more specular? i love it


the lighting on this composition is excellent.
can you please explain a bit how this scene was lit and rendererd. (light set up)
did u use FG or gi, did u use MR shaders or maya shaders.
Very good job.


whoa lots of cars lately…this one is my fav , so i thought i should say something , this looks great , lighting, shaders etc, i love it :slight_smile:


Thax aragorn.

The light setup is rather simple but it took me a while to discover it. I used FG and two directional lights.

The FG light is casted by a dome above the car. I cut off a pizza slice from the dome in the direction the camera is facing to get a directionall light source fallof rather than just a full dome which illuminated everything evenly and made it seem a bit flat.

The two directionall lights are there only to cast specular highlights.


hi , nice car to model. and it has come out well.
can u please post a wireframe ( front & back )


Hey exe69,

(for a Porsche :)) this is a great piece of modelling, nice and tidy.

My only observation is that there doesn’t seem to be a rim light. Also add some falloff to the paintwork reflectivity and this will make the car jump out of the screen.

Great stuff!!!


Nice Job.:thumbsup: I started modelling a GTS (with Maya NURBS), awhile ago - you’ve done so good a job I don’t think I’ll bother resurecting that project:D


Hey Paul! it’s Ty, the TA, lol, yeah man really really nice looking model man, can’t wait to see your demo reel. When u say you took a pizza slice out of the environment dome did u litterally cut a piece of geometry out? I’m guessing you did to give it that sharp line in the reflection. Looks really great man. see ya later



Amazing render, one of the best i’ve seen here, nice concept with that lighting setup !


Bloody hell :eek: .


amazing modeling u made!!:applause::buttrock:


With all the car threads and character threads on this site, we could make an awesome racing short.

Dont know whats stopping us!


dudee!.. you make look the flow of the car so easy to model, but it is hard!! Great modeling/render!


Great modeling - great shaders - great lighting - great composition !!! Simply perfect to me !!!


Looks good, except the rotors are way to reflective. Even out of the factory the rotors aren’t reflective and as chromy. Very nice though.


so hot i had to say it again


that was an awesome cg. i think that the key to and awesome car model is its lighting and texturing. unfortunately most car modelling tutorials or guides stop at the part where modelling is over. i feel that they should also give guidance on texturing the model at least, if not on lighting. does anyone know of any car tutorial which also shows texturing? if anyone does know about it then please share.



I’d like to post it for you but I’m having trouble figuring out how to add images from my drive to this post. Can anyone help?


Thnx for your comments everyone. I’m trying to add wire shots to this post as requested but I don’t know how to add them from my drive. Can anyone help?