Porsche 911 Gt2 (993), Dennis Frick (3D)


Dennis, man… That is nothing less than spectacular!!! Superiorly sweet!:drool: Drool all over the place. No negatives at all. Modeling is fantastic (especially panel lines and lights and ground effects) - great attention to detail; rendering is superb- and I really like the reflections and comping is great too.



I want this car in my garage!

Great modeling and render.

However (in Tuwok’s maner),

Something feels wrong to me about the background.
The blur of it.


The car IS GREAT.

I’ll take a closer look.
From first looking,
Maybe the car needs some depth of field aplied.
So the back of the car is slightly defocused.
and then goes back to the more blured background.

Yeah, and maybe som e more motion blur on the wheels.?..

Thumbs up!

Keep up the good work.




I cannot believe it’s not a photo :slight_smile:


hmm i think you shot that pic with a camera !

it looks so real to me i cant belive that it was 3d :slight_smile:

cool work man


You must upload renders here, not photos.



It would have been faster to take a photo. :wink:
Just kidding, i love it!


hi friend…amazing work…i hav only one question for u…when are u sending the tuts over…good work… i hav just started working on maya and i keep wondering how and when willl i reach a stage like this where i’ll be able to show my stuff like this…anyways…nice work…ARJUN

Title: Porsche 911 Gt2 (993)
Name: Dennis Frick
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

Hi there,

the image shows a Porsche 911 GT 2 (993). I picked up my 1 year old model and made some major changes in texturing and lighting. Most parts of the model were rebuilt, too (especially the front and the headlights) and I added some more details.
3d work was done in Cinema 4d R9.1, Photoshop was used for compositing.
Comments are most wellcome.

best regards


Flawless. :thumbsup:


Wow, great modeling and nice render! congrats!


The composition is really smooth and full of motion. The texture and lighting is well done that from a distance it does look almost like photo.


Almost. Only problem is it’s too clean. :smiley: Superb work, though.


This is a great image…but…it is a composition. The background is a photo…the only 3D element is the car. There’s also a problem with the highlights near the headlight and signal – there should’nt be any if you look at the background, because it’s an overcast day.

Having said all that. Can you PLEASE share your lighting setup!? :applause:


What the Hell are you talking about? The sun can shine through the clouds even in an overcast day! The problem I see is that the specular highlight is positioned below the reflection’s horizon, which appears to be too high.
But only anal retentive types (and me) notice that!


You’re right the sun can shine through clouds on a overcast day. But the shadows, dont match the highlights in position nor itensity - which does not suggest the phenomenon you’re describing.

If you look, the shadow is coming from the back corner of the car, which means that if there would be any highlights, they should be near the top of the tire wells, but it isnt, the highlights are on the front corner of the car.:smiley:


It’s very excellent production! Please put more pictures here, because I can’t believe it isn’t real picture. Thank you!



Its real … good luck :thumbsup:


very good and real friend fantastic…
and a very beautiful car the porsch 911 GT2…
good luck…


great job and I love the choice of cars. I agree about the focus thing, but if you defocused it, everyone would say you were using that as a crutch. It’s a tough crowd!



Hi there,

at first, sorry for my late reply. I was forced to be offline for a few weeks :sad:.
Thanks a lot for all your comments and your close look for detail.
There are a lot of notes and suggestions I will take into consideration in my future work - thanks for that!

Best Regards


I think the one minor thing is that you can tell its a model if you look long enough because the car is too clean and maybe the reflections are not 100%. Obviously its still great, but the car would of been better with some marks somewhere I personally think.