Porsche 911 Gt2 (993), Dennis Frick (3D)


Title: Porsche 911 Gt2 (993)
Name: Dennis Frick
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

Hi there,

the image shows a Porsche 911 GT 2 (993). I picked up my 1 year old model and made some major changes in texturing and lighting. Most parts of the model were rebuilt, too (especially the front and the headlights) and I added some more details.
3d work was done in Cinema 4d R9.1, Photoshop was used for compositing.
Comments are most wellcome.

best regards


Excellent! That is spot on.

I love the headlights.


this is amacing… one of the best compositing i have ever seen… you cant even see its 3d just awesome… 5 stars


Aversome work!! Nice model! Fantastic render!! Five stars!!!


I’m not a car fan… but wow… indeed it’s not obvious that it’s CG. However, cleaness and sharpness of the model draws much attention, revealing that it actually might be CG. I wonder how would it look If You’d make it a bit off focus making it less “perfect”, closer to reality.

Superb compositing. Congrats.


Perfect! 5* from me


are you sure this isnt real picture, dude this model is awesome, everything is just perfect, ecpecially like the wheels.
five stars work:thumbsup:


It’s really 3D? trick…! =)

It’s so wonderful!
I love the headlights too!


This looks like a photo! Great job with composite and lighting…everything!

Very good!


Wow - I can’t pick out anything that would discredit this as being 3d vs a photo. Very nice!


Thanx a lot for your comment and the stars :slight_smile:
best regards


This looks very nice :slight_smile:
Normally I don’t like all those car renders that much, but this one is really outstanding. Mostly in realism.

I would like to see a wire of the model :slight_smile:


I would like to see a wire of the model

for a wire you can have a look here:


nice dude, post some more pics


uhm,great job… it’s pure photoreal…


Congratulations for the render and this mod :applause: . I maked a porsche gt2 me too, but me it’s a GT2-R :slight_smile: .

Good works




Hey man,

Awesome piece of 3d. The textures are rockin, the proportion of the car is pretty much in order. A good, clean model.

Nice work :buttrock:


4.5 out of 5 stars. I would definetely lower the reflections and the shadow from the mirror in the side door. Maybe a lil´more motion blur on the rims. that´s all. outstanding composition.


Real nice job, only the right headlight is a bit off…I guess…