Porsche 356b, Pandras (3D)


Hi. This is my 3 Porsche 356Bs. Done with Lightwave and Photoshop.

I modelled it mostly with nurbs, and some parts polygonally (such as the tires and the windscreen wiper).
I didn’t use HDRI. I’ve taken some shots from the street, then I edited and mapped them on primitives.
I’ve rendered separately the reflections (fresnel and normal), the diffuse, and the shades for the environment, so it was fun to composite it, that’s why I have so many versions.

Couldn’t decide about the color.

Here’s a white,

a black,

a red one

and finally the pure model.

Thank you for your attention, C&C are welcome.

I was Andrew from Budapest, Hungary


Great work, I like the model a lot. You did a great job recreating it. I like the way you can see the weight of the car on the tyres.

would prefer the red one by the way.

I also like the way you edited it in the picture. One thing though. You could a very little Depth of Field effect to make it blend in more with the picture.

Good stuff!!

Where is the inside by the way? I dont see any chairs!


Very nice and precise job!
Please post wireframe and back view render. thx


WOW Great work…me too I prefer the red one!!!

Keep up the great work!!!



Excellent work, superb modelling :slight_smile: I like the top one the best (the white one), that colour is always great on classic cars.

I modelled it mostly with nurbs, and some parts polygonally (such as the tires and the windscreen wiper).

Don’t you mean subdivision patches? LightWave doesn’t have NURBS.

God job with the compositing, it looks great. Only gripe is that their seems to be no interior modelled (seats, etc).

I’ve plugged this one on the front page, really cool work :slight_smile:


From what little I let load of those pics, the renders are amazing. Nice model. But man, I got tired of waiting for these things to load and I’m on a highspeed DSL connection. :shrug:



white then red



wow, very photorealistic, I could easily mistake this as a photograph. Great job, I didn’t notice the lack of an interior at first, I was marveling over the exterior


I used “subdivided polygons / metaform” to be exact.

The car doesn’t really have a full interieur (only driving wheel+rear view mirror+upper body of the seats). But the parts that you could see from the view of the camera are there.

I’ve created this model at least a year ago, and I haven’t finish it. Then one day walking around the city, while taking photos of some buildings for school (i’m learning to be an architect), I found this nice little wall in this nice little street, and I thought it would be a great place for my porsche. So I took the photos, created the environmet, and finished the model (only the parts that are visible from the view of the camera). Of course the car has a back and a basic interieur, but I wouldn’t be proud of it.

The whole picture from finishing the model to compositing was done for this very scene.


well its a great model incredible work, but these have got to be some of the slowest loading pictures ever


This looks very nice. Blending with bg is almost perfect… except the car is tad too crisp. Not that it’s very important, everything looks nice.


yeh they are slow to load…but worth it…only crits without looking at the reference is they seem almost too reflective and a bit too sharp compared to the bg photo, perhaps a little noise and a tiny amount of blur would cure that, but they look good all the same, especially the reflections which work well, they look as good as hdri. Perhaps the tyres seem a little too grey as well.

red one is my fave :wink:


WOW!!! amazing work man!!! first rate!!


ever heard of jpeg compression? that image took about as long to load as it probablt took to render! (on DSL too!)

aside from that, its a little too sharp to look real. very nice all the same, I know a lot of work goes into this sort of thing


Red, then white then black though they are all extremely nice renders.
They look very realistic as they are but if you wanted to go that little bit further, here’s what I would ‘try’ and do.

The tyre rubber colour seems a bit too ‘grey’ especially when you compare it to the albeit modern day tyres on the van behind.

Ferdinand himself would be proud of the build quality of that car. Maybe you could subtly shift some of the parts around to add imperfections in the fit. The hood/bonnet is perfectly fitting when in real life getting a large panel to fit into a void that size, perfectly is very, very hard.

Add some wear or grime into the recesses of the chrome wheels. Even if they were perfectly polished everyday a build up of dirty polish would occur in the extreme recesses.

Add some stickers in the corner of the windscreen. In the UK we have a tax disk, maybe you have something equivilent?

And finally, consider adding a slightly battered number plate to the front of the car. I suppose this is a taste issue as it’s not a legal requirement in all countries for vehicles to have a front numberplate.

All in all though - excellent work :beer:


Excellent work.
this picture would fool just about anyone if they were looking at it. My only critique would be subtle noise and depth of field. Also the silouette of the reflection coming from the opposite side of the street is a straight line. This kinda gives the feeling of the car being in a set, as opposed to being on a street. Minor, I know, but realism is def. in the subtleties. Again, Excellent work.


wow… thats amazing. the car is a touch too reflective… feels like its in a show room. excellent work though.


[X] WHITE one looks best imho

image is almost perfect, apart from the little aliasing on the crome at the window, maybe the one guy is right with the depht of field, and i`d add a few, very subtle dirt textures and scratches.

amazing work! :buttrock:


Amazing job man, I like the black one the best, looks more realistic. One thing though, maybe you could dirty up the wheels to make it blend more in to the enviroment and darken the shadow under the car, little bit more noise and DOF. You can see the difference opposed to the van. Other than that, I love it. Lates.


great modelling
just 2 tings i wanna mention
the car-window seems to have a sort of refraction
and i find it too strong (maybe my eyes need glassesX_X)
the refelection on the tires are to clean u will never find a wheel where u can watch in the refelction more far than 1 meter from the tire :slight_smile: caused of dof in reflections
and in your case i can watch the whole envirment like a big mirror

though goood stuff:thumbsup: