Porsch GT2 911



This is my first post in this forum. I’m still a student my first year and this is my second car.
Hope u like it




Good work, but there are some thing i don’t like it…
the color of the first three images is wrong… I never see a porsche of that color

This is a photo taken from porsche site, is the last model of GT2 991


there are some difference from your model… the front is a bit different, and the two side hole are smaller, the rear light are different and the back of the car is not so round…
maybe is a different model…:shrug:

however the first impression is very good…
If i don’t have check the photo I don’t notice any difference
Keep this way:thumbsup:


Hey Troy

Thanks for the comments. Actually there r differences in the body that i made. After making
the car as it is i used some ref pic from racing models to modify it a little i think it looks more cool and not simple and basic.

About the color i guess u right…it was very hard to come up with the original one for me…i’ll keep trying though

Thanks again!!!


The only other thing I would point out is that in the last image there the spoiler almost appears to be going right into the brake light itsself. Maybe try and add a little more shadowing so it creates a lift effect so it doesn’t seem to run right through the light.

Excellent work though overall here. I am a total beginner with 3D, but this is really good stuff, keep it up!


really very nice…the only thing i could say it that the cars look way too shinny it could pass for silver the way they shine…lol…just take the spec level down a notch and it’d be perfect…overall nice work though


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