Popup menu



I have a simple question please…

How can I create a popup menu on a toolbr without using XML code

I mean if I have already one, I can edit its commands by RClick ->

Customize Button
and rearrange command for example…

But to create a new popup menu I’ve edit the toolbar file with a

text editor and write down some lines like:

<item type=“popup_menu” name=“ppmenu”>
<command name=“com1”></command>

but I couldn’t find a way to do it from Softimage itself…

So is there a way or just continue coding??

thanks 4 reading…


Seems like no body need to answer me…



Don’t know, if this will help, but there’s a whole chapter, called “Standard and Contextual Menus” under “Customizing with the SDK” in the SDK documentation…


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