Pops when plotting from control rig to skeleton


I am having this issue when plotting onto my skeleton from my control rig. I basically cleaned up my mocap with layers and filters on my control rig. And when I plot all my layers/constraints onto a single base animation layer everything seems fine.

But in order to save a character animation and import it into Softimage I need to plot my animation onto my skeleton. That’s when it all goes to hell. I get random pops of 1-2 frames every now and then (especially on the feet).

Can anyone help me with this?


If you’re plotting using the Character Settings window, one thing you could try instead is to first make your control rig active so that everything is working as you expect, with no errors, then select the skeleton using the schematic view (ctrl-w), then in the key controls window, click the Animation drop down, and choose Plot Selected (All Properties). You can then deactivate the control rig in the Character Settings window to check and see if it’s plotted correctly this time.

If that still doesn’t work, then if you attach the file I’m happy to take a look at it.


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