Pop-Up Book Help


Hi all,

We’ve got to make a fairly simple pop-up book animation with a short turn around. I’ve searched the forums and seen suggestions about rigs using bones, ffds, morphers etc… But none of them seem to get resolved.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



We’ve just done approx 30 of these :

what would you like to know specifically ?


A few years ago I made something like that, not sure if this is what you’re looking for



Thanks for the replies guys.

Hooch, that really looks great. I’d love to know how you made the rig if you’ve got a few moments to briefly explain!

Think I’ve got it figured though. The deadline is just too ridiculous to do anything complex, so we’re just cheating the whole damn thing as much as possible.



I know how it goes mate, most of the time clients want you to do magic in two days. :smiley:

Good Luck,



DrZenith, did you get my PM?


Sure did mate. Emailed you :slight_smile:


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